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Latest announcements

Feature behavior change

Direct Call Interceptor (Dialpad) behavior changes in DC2023.03

Added March 28th, 2024

Release notes

Scheduled Release

April 2024


This release is the improved version of the DC2024.01 bundle, which had several identified issues.

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Superseded Release

April 2024


This release includes several new features such as customizable wrap-up time intervals, audio indication for when a supervisor joins or leaves a call, and the ability to use Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services for transcription of speech audio. Additionally, WebChat now offers live translation between customers and agents, and WFM plugin for TeleOpti is now available on Dialogue Cloud.

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Default Release

January 2024


The latest release of the Dialogue platform includes several feature improvements and enhancements such as improved handling for inactive browser tabs, fix for the detection of muted participants, and a fix for the creation of queued callbacks when the maximum amount of concurrent sessions is reached. Additionally, the Graph presence subscription has been fixed to correctly handle situations where an agent's TeamsUPN varies across different SipUri's, and the WebAgent Call History tab display has been enhanced.

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