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Release Notes - Hotfix release DC2023.04a

This document contains a list of the updates and current versions of Anywhere365 software and components.

Client Components


To streamline our support process,  before raising a support ticket you need to ensure that the client used is upgraded to the version of the bundle and so the log provided with the ticket is inline with the Bundle.  Please note that we will be unable to process support tickets raised on unsupported version.

Component Version Remark
Ucc.Creator scripts (SharePoint template)  
Power BI template (for Power BI Desktop)


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Inflight Wallboard (desktop client) 6.5.7  
Snapper (desktop client)


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+= updated in this bundle.

Feature Improvements

PBI Description

Always resubscribe for presence when TeamsUpn changed

With this improvement, whenever a TeamsUpn is changed for an agent in any UCC, the agent is unsubscribed and, if the TeamsUpn exists, resubscribed with the most recently entered TeamsUpn. The presence provider client keeps a local registry of agent subscriptions, which is keyed to the correct agent property as decided by the applicable presence provider. Previously, agents would have to be removed and re-added to be rendered functional after a TeamsUpn change.


Improved SignalR handling for inactive browser tabs

When the WebAgent was in an inactive tab, signalr was reconnecting every minute which caused all conversations to be retrieved again. This has been improved.

Feature Enhancements

PBI Description


The plugin API is now blocking a second direct transfer request to the same invitee.

We have implemented a fix in the plugin API to prevent a second direct transfer request to the same invitee. Previously, it was possible to make a second direct transfer request to an agent or UCC within a very short timeframe (< 5 seconds) after the first transfer request was accepted, even if the invitee was already in a call. This resulted in the second transfer request being processed in the core, which eventually failed because the invitee was already in a call. With the new fix in place, the plugin API will now block any subsequent direct transfer requests to the same invitee within a short timeframe, preventing this issue from occurring.


Fix detection of participant muted condition

We have resolved an issue with the detection of muted participants, which was causing problems with unmuting them. Previously, the issue occurred because participants were not being correctly detected as having been muted. The event that signalled the muted condition contained information about the participant's audio configuration that was only partially decoded, which prevented the muted condition from being correctly recognized. We have now updated our detection mechanism to take additional information into consideration, which ensures that the muted condition is correctly recognized and that unmuting no longer fails. This fix will improve the overall participant experience and ensure that audio communication is not disrupted due to incorrect detection of the muted condition.


Graph presence subscription breaks if agent's TeamsUPN varies across SipUri's

We have identified and fixed an issue with the Graph presence subscription that was causing it to break when an agent's TeamsUPN varied across different SipUri's. This issue occurred when an agent was configured on two different UCC's on the same service with the same SipUri but different TeamsUPN's.

Previously, if the TeamsUPN was changed and the presence in Teams was updated, the UCC would not log any presence change, causing a disruption in the agent's presence status.

We have now resolved this issue by updating the Graph presence subscription to correctly handle situations where an agent's TeamsUPN varies across different SipUri's. This fix ensures that presence changes in Teams are correctly logged by the UCC, and that the agent's presence status is accurately reflected in the UCC.


Queuedcallback The QueuedCallBack feature enables the customer to leave his / her number while waiting in the queue in order to get called back by an available contact center agent. not created in scenario where maxconcurrentsessions is being hit

We have identified an issue with the creation of queued callbacks when the maximum amount of concurrent sessions is reached. In one particular case, logs showed that the maximum amount of concurrent sessions was reached, causing a call to be declined. However, a callback CallBack, an IVR menu feature for voice, enables the customer to leave his / her number to be called back by an available agent during business hours. was still initiated and was expected to start after the maximum amount of concurrent sessions was reduced.

Despite other calls being successfully received during this time, the logs showed that the conversion of the queued callback failed with a warning, indicating that the concurrent session license could not be transferred.

We have now implemented a fix to ensure that queued callbacks are created correctly even in scenarios where the maximum amount of concurrent sessions is reached. This fix ensures that the concurrent session license is transferred correctly, allowing the queued callback to be initiated as expected. This will improve the overall customer experience by ensuring that callbacks are handled correctly even during high traffic periods.


Fixed a font issue not showing correctly after a Chromium update

WebAgent font (Roboto) was showing in an incorrect style since a Chromium browser update. This has been fixed.


WebAgent Info Pop-up was misbehaving.

When in WebAgent and you click on the A365 Logo it will open the info popup. If you then close it and make any settings change in the me-person panel it will re-open the info popup with every change. Due to the current SignalR defect (when webagent runs in background tab), it will also re-open the info popup with every signalR reconnect. This has been fixed.


Fixed resize issue when loading WebAgent in Teams

Webagent in Teams was not always showing buttons when the window was made small. This has been improved.


Fixed CRM Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is (usually) a software-based, data management method to deal with interactions with customers and potential customers. contact handling issue

CRM Contact Search was not always cleared properly before a new search was done. This has been fixed.


Fixed CRM contact retrieval issue

Updating the contact name with a name found in CRM could throw an error when the contact is stored as an endpoint (email address, phonenumber). When the error occured, it also prevented the CTI plugin from popping up a found CRM contact. This has been fixed.


Fixed interface for certain impossible text handling scenarios

A forward button was present during an active webchat/whatsapp/SMS session conversation. This should not be the case and has been removed.


WebAgent Call history tab display enhanced

WegAgent Call History tab was showing incorrect values when switching through Missed/Incoming/Outgoing tabs. This has been fixed.


WebAgent Send button greyed out during active webchat session

The send button was greyed-out after the first agent response during an active webchat session. This seemed to be only the case when the response consisted of one character or number. This has been fixed


Enhanced text message processing

The WebChatDialogueProvider2 waits for the DialogueManager to be process the item. Processing the item also involves waiting for DialogueStudio. This has been fixed.