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Architecture Overview

A graphically supported overview of the deployments or building-blocks of an Anywhere365 environment

Dialogue Cloud

Anywhere365 can be seen as a suite of (many) building blocks.

  • In the All Building-Blocks link below, a full view of all building-blocks is shown.

  • In the Building-Blocks per Scenario links below that, multiple scenarios views exist which show just the building-blocks used for a specific Anywhere365 functionality.

Hopefully this will clarify the sometimes complicated world of Anywhere365.

All Building-Blocks

Building-Blocks per Scenario

SharePoint Connect Scenarios

Start-up and Authentication (Sign-in) Scenarios

Audio Dialogue Scenarios

Text (email, webchat, etc) Dialogue Scenarios

  • Text Dialogues: Emails using EDP (Email Dialogue Provider) - (To be added)

  • Text Dialogues: WebChat using WCDP2 (WebChat Dialogue Provider 2) - (To be added)

  • Text Dialogues: WhatsApp or SMS using CM or Vonage (3rd party subscription services) - (To be added)