Dialogue Cloud

Architecture Overview

To provide a graphically supported overview of the deployments or building-blocks of an Anywhere365 environment, the below links will give you insight into various (sub) configurations.

Dialogue Cloud

A simplified view of Dialogue Cloud is shown here.

Anywhere365 can be seen as a suite of (many) building blocks.

  • In the All Building-Blocks link below, a full scroll (or carpet) of all building-blocks is shown.

  • Below that a selection of scenarios which, when used in that selected combination, attain a specific Anywhere365 functionality.

  • The dotted line between the left hand column and the two columns on the right is the demarcation line for maintenance responsibility of the building blocks therein.

Hopefully this will clarify the sometimes complicated world of Anywhere365.

All Building-Blocks

(of Dialogue Cloud V3)

Architecture scroll of All Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud building-blocks


SharePoint Connect Scenarios

Start-up and Authentication (Sign-in) Scenarios

Audio Dialogue Scenarios

Text (email, webchat, etc) Dialogue Scenarios

  • Text Dialogues: Emails using EDP (Email Dialogue Provider) - (To be added)

  • Text Dialogues: WebChat using WCDP2 (WebChat Dialogue Provider 2) - (To be added)

  • Text Dialogues: WhatsApp or SMS using CM or Vonage (3rd party subscription services) - (To be added)