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Campaign Dialer

The Campaign Dialer is a dialer which uses a list of invite records to be called. Each invite has a required skill. The dialer first searches for an available agent and creates a session in which the agent is hunted. After this step, the customer is called to join the session.

Note: Previously known as the Outbound Dialer
Note: An Enterprise license or higher is required to access these features.

Scenario Call Back

A popular feature of the campaign dialer is the Call Back feature. This feature enables customer to leave their phone number and be called back as soon as a callback The CallBack feature enables the customer to leave his / her number to be called back by an available agent during business hours. agent becomes available. Call back requests can be left , for example, when the contact center is closed, full, no agents are available or when the customer has exceeded a predefined queue time.

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Features Values

Note: Some features are only available with specific licenses. These are indicated by the following icons. If no icon is shown, the feature applies to all mentioned licenses below. (Not applicable for legacy licenses "basic queue" or "reception ucc")


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Dialogue Intelligence

Agent Management

Dialogue Management


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Agent Functionality

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