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How to configure Agent accept with DTMF


In some cases it is useful to for the agent to first confirm the call before being connected to the Customer. For example:

With this scenario active the following will happen:

  1. The UCC hunts the available agent.

  2. The agent accepts the conversation.

  3. The UCC plays a message telling the agent to press a tone to accept.

  4. The agent enters the DTMF tone .

  5. The agent is connected to the customer.



  • A default configured UCC



  1. First make sure you have at least one music file ready in the Audio files.
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  2. Next create a Playlist.
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  3. Next go to Settings and add

    1. AgentAcceptWithDTMFEnabled, put on true to enable this scenario.

    2. AgentAcceptWithDTMFChoice, this is the DTMF tone the agent must enter to accept the conversation.

    3. AgentAcceptWithDTMFTimeOut, this is the number of seconds has to accept before going to the next agent.

    4. AgentAcceptDTMFPlayListName, this one is used when the Agent accepts the conversation.