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Audio files can be linked with IVR Questions. By doing so the audio file overrules TTS (Text-to-Speech).

Uploading an audio file is easy. Select a local file, upload it to SharePoint and use link it with an IVR Question. Filenames of audio files will be displayed in SharePoint, so make use of clear filenames for your own convenience.

Audiofile Format

  • Audio files can be .Wav, .WMA or .MP3.
  • Preferable MONO.
  • File size around 2 MB, to prevent long loading times. (Bigger files can be used)
  • File name doesn't contain any special characters.

Training Video

Explanation per field

In order to manage Audio Files, the following screen should be filled in:

Item Description
Name By clicking the “Browse…” button a local file that should be uploaded to SharePoint, can be selected.
Title This field the name of the file must be entered, this will be used to select the audio file.
Warning: Needs to be added manually.

Overwrite existing files

Ticking this box will overwrite old files that have the same filename.

Audio files Upload/Remove

Audio files can be uploaded or removed.

Warning: Updates to the system are real-time; therefore wrong entries might cause malfunctions.
Warning: Sound recordings for audio files can be protected by copyright. Anywhere365 does not check if the user holds copyrights for the uploaded audio files. Check your country specific copyright laws to avoid legal penalties for copyright infringement.