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Screen Recordings Outbound


A screen recording is a screen recording when an Agent calling a customer and is Intercepted. The screen recording records the primary screen, microphone and sounds. By default the files will be stored locally, but can be configured to be uploaded to this document library.

Warning We strongly advise not using recordings in combination with SQL Express, due to database size limitations.


Explanation per field

Screen Recordings can be stored on SharePoint (if configured in the Snapper) together with some meta data:




Name of the file, created by the Snapper.


This is the date the recording is added.

Modified By

This is the account that adds the recording.


Configure Snapper for Outbound Screen recording

Note FFMpeg needs to be installed for screen recording, Learn More

  1. Start the Inflight Snapper

  2. Open Settings

  3. Open the Screen Recording tab

  4. Enable "Automatic screen recording outgoing"

  5. Change "Automatic save screen recording to" to SharePoint

  6. Fill in the following fields:

    1. SharePoint location = Define if you SharePoint is Online or On-premises.

    2. SharePoint URL = URL of the Anywhere365 SharePoint configuration site.
      Example: https://SharePointOnlineURL/SubSite/UCC

    3. SharePoint Username = Domain/Username or Email Address to connect to SharePoint

    4. SharePoint Password = Password of the Username

    5. (Optional) Save SharePoint upload URL to UCC database = If enabled adds a record to the database so the file can be linked in the report.


Configure SharePoint url for Outbound Screen recording

  1. Go to the UCC settings page and select 'Site contents'.

  2. Select the settingsList

  3. Now edit the Screen recording Outbound

  4. Insert "/SnapperOutboundRecordings/Forms/AllItems.aspx" in the URL and hit Save.