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Case filing process

Accurate and thorough case filing is key to ensuring Anywhere365 support operation engineers can provide the most appropriate and effective response possible.

When creating a case in the Anywhere365 Online Customer Portal, please including the information outlined below in the initial case, as opposed to follow-up emails. This will ensure the quickest and most accurate resolution of your case. Without sufficient and accurate information, we will not be able to assist as efficiently as possible, which will result in additional communication and thus delays.

The link to the Anywhere365 Support Portal is: https://supportdesk.anywhere365.net/SignIn

Case Title

One line to describe what the case is about. Also referred to as a subject.


If you are a certified Anywhere365 Partner and issue a case for a customer, please make sure you select the appropriate customer from the list. If partners do not select a customer, the hours spent on support are charged to the Partners’ time bucket. Incorrect administration will lead to extra hours spent by Anywhere365 engineers and incur additional charges.

End Customer Contact Person

Relevant when filing a case as a partner, if an Anywhere365 Operations Engineer needs to contact with the end customer directly.

Platform Element

The main Anywhere365 component that the case is (likely) about. Please use your best estimate based on your own analysis and experience.

Case Urgency

The urgency for the case depending on whether there is a workaround, or only a few UCCs are affected or the whole service is down. Will affect Case Severity. Providing incorrect response may result in additional charges.

Case Impact

The impact of the case on the end users. Is only a single person or group unable to work or is everyone impacted? Will affect Case Severity. Providing incorrect response may result in additional charges.

Platform Element Version(s)

Please specify the version and bits (x32 or x64) of the software you are issuing the case for. E.g. Inflight Wallboard x64 5.0.17481.1.


For the Anywhere365 platform elements related to the case, please provide exact details on the Operating System, Skype for Business, SharePoint or other relevant infrastructure components, as well as the versions and if you’re running x32 or x64 bits.

Updates or changes made recently to the infrastructure?

Many cases are caused by changes in the underlying infrastructure that Anywhere365 relies on. Please detail any changes in the environment that have taken place recently:

Changes / patches / updates in OS; DNS; Firewall; hardware; firmware; Skype for Business; SQL Server; SharePoint; Anywhere365 component, etc.

Which steps already taken to analyze and resolve the issue?

Please document any steps you have taken to identify, analyze and mitigate the issue. Have you verified that Skype for Business is working properly? All relevant components that Anywhere365 relies on operating nominally? Have you identified any work-arounds? Do you suspect a issue with a specific scenario in the software or a configuration issue? The more information that is provided, the better we can assist.

Which exact steps can we take to reproduce the issue?

If a problem scenario cannot be reproduced, the chances for a resolution will decline rapidly. When possible, please describe the configuration / settings and the steps taken to replicate this issue. These scenario details are essential for the support engineer to try to reproduce the issue. Provide timestamps, involved users and phone numbers that are related to the scenario. Unclear examples or indications of issue occurrences often necessitates inefficient searching through the logfiles.

Description – (Time of Incident)

If you attach any client side or server-side log files, please specify the exact time and date of the incident so we know where to look in the log file. Also provide any other information related to the case in this field to describe the scenario.

Attach Supporting Documents

Attach relevant screen shot or client- or server- log files. Please check Anywhere365 Documentation (www.anywhere365.io/golive) for the log file locations: Log File Location. Again, the more relevant information you can provide, the better. If you want, multiple files can be combined into a zip file and attached.

Multiple files can be selected at once as well to be uploaded but combined cannot exceed the upload size limit. So, a ZIP file is a better choice. Please add the most relevant log file first if the size limit is insufficient.