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WebAgent Browser Compatibility Overview

The Anywhere365 WebAgent depends on the latest web technologies to accomplish its work. Web browsers therefore need to meet certain minimum requirements to be compatible with WebAgent. The Browser Compatibility Table provides information regarding browser compatibility.

Note: An additional Anywhere365 WebAgent license is required.

Browser Compatibility Table

F = Fully Tested and Supported, C = Compatible, but Not Fully Supported, N = Not Supported or Browser Not Available for OS
Browser Version Google Chrome Microsoft Edge Mozilla Firefox Safari
Windows OS 11 F F C N
10 C C C N
8.1 C C C N
Mac OS 12 N N N N
11 N N N N
10.15 N N N N
Android OS   12.1 N N N N
12 N N N N
11 N N N N
10 N N N N
iOS 15.5 N N N N