How to configure transcription

Note Enterprise Plus License Only


The transcription feature writes the transcriptions to CRMCRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a method/technology for managing contacts of customers. CRM helps to offer each customer an individual value proposition based on its wishes. In addition, CRM makes it visible which customers represent higher value for the organization and therefore might be served in a different way..





To configure this functionality the following SharePoint site settings are needed:




​Enables or disables the functionality


The Region to use for the Azure Transcription Service.

If left empty Transcription will be disabled.

Can be one of:

  • eastasia
  • southeastasia
  • australiaeast
  • northeurope
  • eastus
  • eastus2
  • southcentralus
  • westcentralus
  • westus
  • westus2
  • brazilsouth


Language used for transcription withe Azure Speech to text API.


​AzureKey for the Speech to text API.


​Transcription output

​CRM Plugins write Transcriptions to CRM.

All Transcriptions are written to the log and take the following format:

Logger.Info($"TranscriptorRecognition: {leg.OutsideRealTimeAddress.Uri}. {e.TotalSampleDuration,10}, {e.SampleDuration,10}, {e.RecognitionStart,8}, {e.RecognitionDuration,8}. Phrase recognized: {confidence}. {phrase}")


Logger.Info($"TranscriptorRecognition: {leg.OutsideRealTimeAddress.Uri}. {e.TotalSampleDuration,10}, {e.SampleDuration,10}, {e.RecognitionStart,8}, {e.RecognitionDuration,8}. Silence: {confidence}.")​


Configure Dynamics365 plugin

The Dynamics 365 plug in folder contains "Wsp.Anywhere365.Crm.Module.Dynamics365.dll.config", in here the plug in can be configured.

Change the following line:

<add key="CreatePhoneCallActivity" value="true"/>

The plugin will now add the transcript to PhoneCall Activity note.