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Create new Azure App Registration for Anywhere365 Authentication

The Anywhere365 Authentication protocol will hook into your Microsoft Entra ID Formerly known as Azure Active Directory (or Azure AD, or AAD), which then allows your users to login with their own Microsoft 365 credentials on various Anywhere365 products. This is accomplished using the following procedure.

Create a new App Registration

Login on the Microsoft Entra ID Formerly known as Azure Active Directory (or Azure AD, or AAD) portal and go to ‘App registrations’.

You can use the following URL:



Select ‘New registration’

  • Provide a name
  • Select ‘Accounts in this organizational directory only (<tenant name> only – Single tenant)

Add Redirect URIs

Set the following URL and click Configure


Select Add Uri and set the following URL



Replace <GUID> with the "Anywhere365 Tenant ID" (a fixed value tied to your account) provided by your Anywhere365 contact

It will now look like this.

Press Save

Create a secret


The Expiration time of a Secret for Apps can be set to a maximum of 2 years. Learn More - Microsoft

Provide Anywhere365 with Value of the secret.

Change the Manifest

Go to the Manifest (within the Manage section of the App Registration) and change the value of the “groupMembershipClaims” to “SecurityGroup”

Grant App permissions

Now, grant the following permissions to the app. Please make sure a global tenant admin applies the ‘admin consent’ on the permissions.

Send the following information to Anywhere365:

  • Secret (see step Create a secret)
  • Application ID of the created application (See picture below)
  • Directory ID of the created application (See picture below)

Application ID and Directory ID