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User Guide Voicemail Dialer V2


  • Voicemails are stored on SharePoint config page, Learn More

  • Core v 8.3 or higher

  • SharePoint Template v 8.2 or higher

  • Voicemail Dialer is configured for V2, Learn More


The Voicemail Dialer V2 processes Voicemail Messages left by Customers by calling Agents, creating a Voicemail Session and playing the Voicemail Message to them. Agents can then process, delete, or decline the Message. Declined Messages will be retried at a later time.

Call Scheduling

The Voicemail Sessions are queued for a specific Skill. Just like regular Sessions, Voicemail Sessions are only offered to Agents that are available and are assigned the specific Skill.

The setting VoicemailQueueStrategy determines how the Voicemail Sessions are placed in the queue:

ProcessTime: The Voicemail Sessions will be queued according to the time that the VoicemailDialer processed the message. This essentially gives Voicemails Messages and Callers equal priority.

Example: for time line.

ProcessTimeLowPriority: The Voicemail Sessions will be queued according to the time that the VoicemailDialer processed the message, but with low priority. This will give regular Callers priority over Voicemail Messages.

Example: for time line.

  • t0: Customer Alice calls the UCC and leaves a Voicemail with Skill VoicemailSkill

  • t1: A Voicemail Session is queued in the VoicemailSkill queue with low priority.

  • No Agent is available for VoicemailSkill at this time.

  • t2: Customer Bob calls the UCC and is queued for the Skill SalesSkill with normal priority.

  • t3: Agent Charles becomes available. He is assigned both VoicemailSkill and SalesSkill. Charles is offered the Sales Session, because although t1 < t2, the Sales Session is queued with normal priority, while the Voicemail Session is queued with low priority.

In addition to the position in the queue, the number of active Voicemail Sessions in the system can be controlled:

  • VoicemailMaximumActiveSessions: The total number of Voicemail Sessions that can be active in the UCC. Once this number has been reached the VoicemailDialer will postpone creating new Sessions until currently active Sessions are handled. (default = 1)

Agent Call Flow Perspective

Once the VoicemailDialer is connected to an Agent, the Voicemail Dialer and the Agent have the following interaction:

  • The VoicemailDialer will speak the setting VoicemailTextToSpeech to the Agent

  • The Agent then has to accept the voicemail by pressing DTMF Tone 1

    • To decline the Voicemail the Agent can disconnect the Call.

      The VoicemailDialer retries Voicemails according to the VoiceMailDialerRetry and VoiceMailDialerDeclineRetryTime

  • Once the Agent accepts, the VoicemailDialer will start playing the Voicemail

    • If the Agent presses DTMF Tone 8 while the Voicemail is playing the Voicemail message will be interrupted and deleted

    • If the Agent disconnects during the playing of the Voicemail message the VoicemailDialer will retry delivering the Voicemail later

  • Once the Voicemail message is completed, the VoicemailDialer will speak the setting VoicemailReplayTextToSpeech to the Agent

    • If the Agent presses DTMF Tone 9 within 30 seconds the Voicemail will be replayed

  • Once the Voicemail message has been listened until the end, the Agent is free to disconnect. The VoicemailDialer will mark the Voicemail as processed.

Skill Selection

There are a number of possible paths that allow a Customer to leave a Voicemail Message, each with their method of determining the Skill.

Edit the Message Busy item in your IVR Questions list

In the Waiting Queue the Voicemail action can be configured on the Message Busy, similar to how Callback CallBack, an IVR menu feature for voice, enables the customer to leave his / her number to be called back by an available agent during business hours. is configured. Click the menu besides the message to edit the item and check if the option for Enable Skill Dependency is marked. Select Action = Voicemail and save your changes.

  • If skill dependency is configured, the configured skill dependency will be used.

  • Otherwise, if a default skill is configured on the Voicemail Action, then that Skill will be used.

  • Otherwise, the Skill for which the Customer was waiting will be used.

Edit a question item under Dialogue Management - IVR

In the IVR Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is a telephone application to take orders via telephone keypad or voice through a computer. By choosing menu options the caller receives information, without the intervention of a human operator, or will be forwarded to the appropriate Agent. the Voicemail action can be configured on a Question. Click the menu beside the question to edit the item and select Action = Voicemail and save your changes.

  • If SharePoint Template [V ..] is used, a mandatory Skill must be selected.

  • If no Skill is selected (for old templates or edits that skip the validation), then no Skill will be assigned.

    • The VoicemailDialer V2 will write a Warning to the log when it detects Voicemail Messages without a Skill.

    • A Skill can be assigned later by manually editing the SharePoint list.