On Premises

How to configure skill dependency on Message Busy


With skill dependency you can overwrite the escape skill on message busy, based on your current skill. This is useful when each skill has its own Office365 voicemail.



Below an example if you want to have a language dependent escape:

If you skill isn't in the dependency list, it will use the default. In this case "BackOffice".


  1. First make sure you have all the Skills you need.

  2. Go to your IVR Questions list

  3. Edit the Message Busy

  4. Make sure you have an action selected with a skill

  5. Check the Enable Skill Dependency box

  6. Click on the Add icon

  7. Map your source skill (skill the user is in) to the destination skill (skill the user needs to go to)

  8. (Optional) Repeat for each skill

  9. Click on Update

  10. Save item