On Premises

Install Voicemail Dialer V2


An Enterprise license or higher is required to access these features.


  • Voicemails are stored on SharePoint config page, Learn More

Configuration of the Voicemail Dialer V2

Add the following settings to the SharePoint Setting list:

Control Settings

Call Flow Settings

  • VoicemailTextToSpeech: Text to speech when VoicemailAgent answers the hunt from the VoicemailDialogueDialer. (default: "Welcome. Press one to receive a voicemail")

  • VoicemailFailedToRetrieve: When the voicemaildialogueprovider is not capable to the download the voicemail this message will be played to the voicemailagent (default: "Failed to retrieve the voice mail.")

  • VoicemailReplayTextToSpeech: The message that plays after the Voicemail Dialer has played the voicemail audio file. (default: "Press 9 to replay the voicemail.")