On Premises

Email Dialogue Provider

Many companies use central mailboxes, (digital) forms, mail rooms and in some cases even fax machines, which allows customers to start a dialogue that is handled by one or more employees. The handling of these dialogues is time consuming and tedious issues remain longer unattended / more open than other posts (cherry picking). For these reasons Anywhere365 has developed the text handler. With this addition to Anywhere365 all kinds of message flows can be handled efficiently in real-time, in a similar way as phone calls, chats and other ways of communication flows through WebAgent .

With the text handler each incoming message is merged together with any attachments, which is then stored in an inbox. Based on metadata such as sender, subject or content of the message the skills can be determined that are needed to handle the message.

Once it is known what skills are required, Anywhere365 will select an available agent based on a selection process to identify themselves (e.g. rating, longest idle, serial or other) and the selected employee will receive an invitation. Once the employee sees the invitation, the details of the message are displayed within its WebAgent client. Then one can open the email, reply to sender, handle the message, or forward to another expert group directly from the client.

Of course, all information about the dialogue is recorded and made visible through the business intelligence information in Anywhere365. In addition, a seamless integration with CRM Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is (usually) a software-based, data management method to deal with interactions with customers and potential customers. is possible. As a result, contact moments, communication channels and messages are recorded and there is the possibility to open the customer file as soon as the dialogue is accepted by an employee.


An additional Anywhere365 WebAgent for Omnichannel license is required.


An Enterprise license or higher is required to access these features.