On Premises

CRM Service for Anywhere365

The Anywhere365 CRM Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is (usually) a software-based, data management method to deal with interactions with customers and potential customers. Service is used to connect your preferred Customer Relationship Management (CRM) client to Anywhere365 dialogue management software to allow the display your CRM's client-related information directly in the Anywhere365 WebAgent.

Customer information is automatically displayed and directly linked to the CRM record.

For a top-level schematic overview of the CRM Service component's relationship to other components, refer to the WebAgent Infrastructure Overview.

Note: An additional Anywhere365 WebAgent for Voice or for Omnichannel license is required.
Note: A CRM connector license specific to each data source (Database or CRM backend platform) is required.

About CRM Service

The CRM Service is a .NET framework web application which is exposing a REST interface. This REST interface is an API contract between the WebAgent/WebAgentService and the CRM Service. Different versions of CRM Service can be used to connect to the CRM of your choice, such as Dynamics 365, SQL, AFAS.

The CRM Service is part of a larger framework within the WebAgent application, which consists of the following:

  • WebAgent: User-face application displaying call/dialogue information.

  • WebAgentService: The WebAgent's back-end service.

  • Unified Contact Center and ListsPlugin: Serve to send settings to the CRM Service and WAS.

  • SharePoint site: Location where settings and configuration are stored.

The following diagram lists all components involved: