On Premises

Installing Web Wallboard


Note: Web Wallboard requires a modern browser and is therefore not compatible with Internet Explorer. We recommend using Edge, Chrome or Firefox browser.

Before starting the installation, make sure the following preparations are done:


  1. Unzip the package on the Anywhere365 server

  2. Run PowerShell as administrator

  3. Open the folder location of the package from your PowerShell window

  4. Start the install script:

    PS [WebWallboard directory]> .\InstallWebWallboard.ps1
  5. Follow the instructions in PowerShell:

    1. Enter the dashboard service base url

      (e.g. http://sub.yourdomain.net/dashboardservice/ )

    2. Enter the attendant service base url

      (e.g. http://sub.yourdomain.net/attendantservice/ )

    3. Enter the ucc name

    4. Select the correct number of the IIS site to install the web application

    5. Select the correct number of the existing application pool

      Note: Usually the "UCCServiceApplicationApplicationPool" is used.
    6. Type yes or y to proceed with the install

  6. Make sure the Dashboard service and the Attendant service allow calls from the Webwallboard, to prevent CORS issues. Check the web.config file of the corresponding service:

    Attendant service: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Attendant\web.config

    Dashboard service: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Dashboard\web.config

    Check if the key “AllowedOrigins” contains * (for all domains are allowed) or the specific protocol and FQDN FDQN stands for Fully Qualified Domain Name and specifies the exact location in the tree hierarchy of the Domain Name System (DNS). An example for [hostname].[domain].[top level domain] is [www].[microsoft].[com] (e.g. http://sub.yourdomain.com). The latter option can be semicolon separated for multiple entries.

    Example appsettings in web.config:

    <add key="AllowedOrigins" value="http://sub.yourdomain.net;https://sub.yourdomain.net" />

Webwallboard will be available when all these steps are completed.


Technical information

The Web Wallboard is available as a webservice per UCC service. Depending on the structure of the URL's parameters different UCC's and agent variables can be displayed or hidden. The URL for your Web Wallboard will be provided by your Anywhere365 partner, direct contact, or the support ticket.

The URL will be formatted like:


The default for this is an open public webservice over https.


  • For more information on using the Web Wallboard URL with parameters (to show other UCC's, skills, etc.) see the User Guide. Learn More

The properties that are filled in during the PowerShell installation are saved in assets/config/config.json in the webwallboard application. The version number is also saved here. When submitting tickets about the webwallboard, please provide the correct version number.

The base href of the webwallboard is saved in index.html (<base href="[YOURBASEHREF]">. When you change the base href after the installation, please make sure this field is also changed. Eg, when the path webwallboard is changed to webwallboarduccname, change the base href in the index.html to:

<base href="/webwallboarduccname/">