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Release Notes Web Wallboard 6.1

Warning: We have stopped publishing updates on individual component and moved to bundle releases, more information can be found here.

V 6.1.0

23 October 2019


  • Minimum Core / Dashboardservice for serverside statistics/ servicelevels: version 6.7

    WebWallboards with version below 6.7 will fall back to client side calculated servicelevels.



  • Added update script (Feature 23059)

  • Added serverside statistics/ servicelevels. (Feature 23888)

  • Added calltype filter (Feature24994)

    Added skill / servicelevel filters (Feature24995)

  • Added uccname override parameter (Feature24997)

  • Added ‘No reason code’to agent overview for agents without a reason code (Feature24998)

  • Changed display of agent name (Feature24999)

  • Improved Service Level Agreement calculation (Enhancement25000)

  • Improved overall Statistics (Enhancement25001)