Release Notes WebChat Plus 6.0

V 6.0.20065.1

7 February 2020

New features

  • (Feature 25866) Added Autostart parameter

  • (Feature 25866) Added Autofill for questionsforms.


Feature Internal Enhancements

  • (Enhancement 25291) Enhanced GetUserIp

  • (Enhancement 23012) Enhanced scenario where Quality Monitor and the Email chat functionality were not working


V 6.0.19175.1

5 May 2019

New features

  • (Feature 16926) Webchat - Added Russian and Latvian language pack
  • (Feature 16922) Optionally disable 'call me' button after initiation.
    In other words: a customer can only be called back once. The next time the customer selects the call me back button, it color will change to grey and will not be clickable (css: cursus not allowed). Note: this will only happen if the customer has entered a valid phone number. Therefore, the customer has the chance to make mistakes and enter an invalid/incorrect phone number.
    • New settings.xml property:



  • (Feature 16924) Changed settings File- and PhotoExtensions



    <blockextensions> </blockextensions>


    <add key="AllowedFileExtensions" value="docx,txt,png"/>

    <add key="AllowedPhotoExtensions" value="png,jpg,jpeg,gif,bmp"/>


Feature Internal Enhancements



Releases below

This version has reached its end of life. See our End of life policy.


V 6.0.18383.2

19 September 2018


  • Code updated to work with latest Skype web SDK version
  • Optional chat disclaimer

Feature Internal Enhancements

  • Reconnect during agent hunt