Release Notes WebChat Plus 6.0

V 6.0.20474.2

27 November 2020

Feature Internal Enhancements

  • *Enhancement 35425) Removed support to provide query parameters in webUrl for settings.xml


V 6.0.20305.1

24 July 2020

Feature Internal Enhancements

  • (Enhancement 32237) QM survey is now offered if chat user request email transcript.

  • (Enhancement 32238) The X on the web chat box is now enabled if customer closes chat


V 6.0.20272.1

1 July 2020

Feature Internal Enhancements

  • (Feature 31055, 27995, 28031, 28032, 28033) Enhanced the update script

  • (Feature 30258) The custom wsp-object will not impact customers own developed jQuery code in their website when implementing the A365 Webchat.


V 6.0.20065.1

7 February 2020

New features

  • (Feature 25866) Added Autostart parameter

  • (Feature 25866) Added Autofill for questionsforms.


Feature Internal Enhancements

  • (Enhancement 25291) Enhanced GetUserIp

  • (Enhancement 23012) Enhanced scenario where Quality Monitor and the Email chat functionality were not working


Releases below

This version has reached its end of life. See our End of life policy.


V 6.0.19175.1

5 May 2019

New features

  • (Feature 16926) Webchat - Added Russian and Latvian language pack
  • (Feature 16922) Optionally disable 'call me' button after initiation.
    In other words: a customer can only be called back once. The next time the customer selects the call me back button, it color will change to grey and will not be clickable (css: cursus not allowed). Note: this will only happen if the customer has entered a valid phone number. Therefore, the customer has the chance to make mistakes and enter an invalid/incorrect phone number.
    • New settings.xml property:



  • (Feature 16924) Changed settings File- and PhotoExtensions



    <blockextensions> </blockextensions>


    <add key="AllowedFileExtensions" value="docx,txt,png"/>

    <add key="AllowedPhotoExtensions" value="png,jpg,jpeg,gif,bmp"/>


Feature Internal Enhancements


V 6.0.18383.2

19 September 2018


  • Code updated to work with latest Skype web SDK version
  • Optional chat disclaimer

Feature Internal Enhancements

  • Reconnect during agent hunt