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Release Notes WebAgent Service 1.11

This version has reached its end of life. See our End of life policy.

V 1.11.1

Connected Product Dependencies


Feature internal enhancement

  • (Enhancement 27785) Add missing GetMessage endpoint


V 1.11.0

Connected Product Dependencies


Feature improved behavior

  • (Feature 24392) Add ReferenceId to conversation

  • (Feature 27117) Order classifications alphabetically

  • (Feature 26373) Support for additional participants.

  • (Feature 26013) Hide non useful endpoints from swagger

  • (Feature 26808 ) Classification is not required when no classifications configured

  • (Feature 26147) Installer enables websocket protocol on windows server role

  • (Feature 24387) Add ClassificationRequired setting


Feature internal enhancement

  • (Enhancement 25996) Upgrade list plugin to 2.0.0 in projects

  • (Enhancement 26627) Two agents hunted at the same time