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Release Notes WebAgent 6.26

Warning: We have stopped publishing updates on individual component and moved to bundle releases, more information can be found here.

V 6.26.0

In preview since: 24 September 2021

Planned in production: 03 November 2021

Connected Product Dependencies

  • WebAgent Service v 1.17 or higher


New Feature


  • (Feature 46230) New user interface using a responsive grid system, Learn More

Text Handler

  • (Feature 39442) Webchat now show "Messages Delivered" when the WebChat Provider has processed the message, Learn More

CTI Plugin

  • (Feature 46016) SalesForce CTI - WebAgent in Salesforce in combination with High Velocity Sales (HVS) is now compatible with "Call Branching", Learn More


Feature improved behavior


  • (Feature 42079) Extend timeline API to support more endpoints, Learn More

  • (Feature 46863) Implement empty states design

  • (Feature 45874) Endpoint (Business, Mobile, Other) of a contact will now be shown even if the Agent isn't configured for DCI

  • (Feature 46605) Various timeline visual improvements

Text Handler

  • (Feature 45858) Improved Preview WebChat conversation behavior while the customer close the chat


Feature internal enhancement


  • (Enhancement 49429) Contact could be added to frequent transfer

  • (Enhancement 49417) Improved pasting content in the dialpad input.

  • (Enhancement 48060) "Close without classification" after classifying didn't respond

Text Handler

  • (Enhancement 48236) Focus moved from Reply to Predefined Responses search while typing a reply


  • (Enhancement 49488) Improved "Queue" tooltip

  • (Enhancement 49382) Improved Call history styling