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Release Notes WebAgent 6.23

V 6.23.4

In production: 02 August 2021

Connected Product Dependencies


Feature internal enhancement


  • (Enhancement 46935) "No endpoints available" when contact search still loading.

  • (Enhancement 47139) Contact search doesn't re-search after re-opening the window with the same search criteria.


CTI Plugin

  • (Enhancement 46961) SAP C4C - Improved popupCreateRecord


V 6.23.0

Connected Product Dependencies


New Feature


  • (Feature 38600) Detect and improve behavior for Direct Routing environment, Learn More

  • (Feature 39195) Implement UI elements for Skill Transfer for audio calls, Learn More


CRM Service

  • (Feature 40837) Added "CopyToClipboard" in Contact Information, Learn More


CTI Plugin

  • (Feature 33643) Store Attachment in Dynamics Activity


Text Handler

  • (Feature 39372) WebChat 2.0 Display customer disconnected session, Learn More

  • (Feature 39100) WebChat 2.0 Display customer connection status information, Learn More


Feature improved behavior


  • (Feature 39227) Contact Settings - Implement a contact setting menu, Learn More

  • (Feature 41084) Moved Skype for Business audio and Skype for Business chat from WebAgent to Skype for Business client, Learn More

  • (Feature 42745) Add option 'No Reason Code' in profile for Skype Platform, Learn More

  • (Feature 42645) Add Swedish translation

  • (Feature 40834) Added support for sharing permission 'Can view when I am busy' for the WebAgent calender, Learn More


CRM Service

  • (Feature 38843) Switch back to "Contact Information" tab after selecting a contact, Learn More


Text Handler

  • (Feature 38832) Text Search - Advance Search new menu and behavior, Learn More

  • (Feature 38831) Text Search - Calendar picker, Learn More

  • (Feature 38833) Text Search - Regular Search new behavior, Learn More


Feature internal enhancement


  • (Enhancement 42997) Callhistory date/time is shown as UTC string

  • (Enhancement 42508) Enhanced extra days when viewing all day events on dayview