Release Notes Power BI Template 8.2

Note: Power BI Template 8.2 needs to run on a Core 6.3.

Note: Please note that this release makes use of native database queries in order to load the data based on the used parameters. Every time the user changes one of the queries, it will by default prompt the user to review the query changes before loading the data. This prompt can be disabled in Power BI Desktop under Options > (Global) Security and unselecting ‘Require user approval for new native database queries’.


V 8.2.20453.01

04 November 2020


  • Core v 6.3 or higher

  • Latest SQL-views, included in the install package

  • Update to November 2020 Power BI Desktop version



  • Added Quality Monitoring to SQL Queries

  • Added Quality Monitoring to Contact Report

  • Added time and calculations comparisons methods

  • Added in page search capabilities

  • Added centralized SLA parameter

  • Added centralized quickdrop parameter

  • Combined UCC Report and UCC per hour report

  • Removed Presence grouped by hour

  • Removed Subscription filter method


Feature Internal Enhancements:

  • Enhanced visual aspects

  • Enhanced Power BI Calculations

  • Enhanced presence calculations