Release Notes SugarCRM Plugin 6.0

V 6.0.20131.1


V 6.0.20052.1

  • (Enhancement 27259) Added missing plugin setting “QueryByAccountId” to the plugin setting csv.


V 6.0.19471.1

  • (Enhancement 24010) Added a new pluginsetting with name ‘SugarCrmCustomer’, to not use wildcard search phonenumber matching instead of that they use an API REST service to get based on a E164 formatted phonenumber to get contacts/account records with the incoming phonenumber. The response of REST service gives a list of id’s and module type in SugarCrm. After retrieved that list will be for each record to try to retrieve a contact or account to be converted to a WSP contact object.


V 6.0.19297

  • Contacts can now be categorized on query scope names.

  • Added unknown contact that will appear when there are no results.

  • Improved plugin with more results and more ways to get information.


V 6.0.19017

  • Initial Release