Release Notes Dynamics365 Plugin 8.0

V 8.0


(Enhancement 32053) Dynamics365 plugin caller not recognized if there was no value filled in for PluginSetting "PhoneNumberMatches"

  • The plugin now can differentiate between a field type "ID" and the "name" of a main entity, or the names of linked entities

  • Another check has been added to scan if a certain field is used as email field. If that applies, then another email link will be added to that field, when this is clicked then Outlook will automatically open.

  • The plugin was successfully tested against a V 8.0 UCC

  • Because of no value in Setting “PhoneNumberMatches” there was no number recognition based on phonenumber possible, this has been resolved

  • Because the filter for searching for “AllResults” was also checking the field "contactID", the searches for contact were not successfully performed. The checking on field "contactID" would generate an invalid fetchxml query for retrieving data from the CRM environment. This has been resolved now.