Release Notes Inflight Snapper 8.0

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V 8.0.5

17 June 2020


  • Core 6.7.11 or higher required

  • Windows 10 Version 1903


Feature improved behavior



Teams Presence Plugin


Feature Internal Enhancement


  • (Enhancement 30712) Enhanced scenario when adding specific UCC host

  • (Enhancement 30882) Call History Tab not showing caller name

  • (Enhancement 31063) Invalid 'Cannot supervise your own call' notification when trying to supervise call in Teams mode

  • (Enhancement 30765) Enhanced scenario closing Snapper when setting 'always visible' is enabled

  • (Enhancement 30884) Enhanced DashboardAgentStatisticsViewModel

  • (Enhancement 30998) Enhanced Teams presence plugin when autodiscover is active

  • (Enhancement 30918) Improved UI

  • (Enhancement 30812) Improved performance

  • (Enhancement 26114) Enhanced tooltip queuetime

  • (Enhancement 26107) (Re)Enable take command in 'Waiting tab' for Teams

  • (Enhancement 23499) Advanced statistics shows no status for busy agents when in Discharge

  • (Enhancement 27291) Impoved Call history tab handling different case ucc name

  • (Enhancement 27602) Calls not always counted in call history when using QM

  • (Enhancement 24931) DCI calls direct from contact endpoint from search without notification

  • (Enhancement 27988) Enhanced performance while adding ucc's

  • (Enhancement 27465) Enhanced performance CallHistory when conversation ends if contactfilter is active

  • (Enhancement 27233) Enhanced performance DashboardPersonalViewModel

  • (Enhancement 25186) Enhanced performance Identity SipUri = null

  • (Enhancement 27671) Improved Danish translations

  • (Enhancement 28541) Enhanced CPU load in Citrix

  • (Enhancement 28098) Enhanced configuration migration path for 6.9

  • (Enhancement 24214) Enhanced green icon is shown in UCC selection when informal agentWhen a person is set as Informal Agent it is always an Agent in the Agent circle.

  • (Enhancement 28027) Enhanced performance issues Advanced statistics

  • (Enhancement 27350) Reasoncode gets reset by reasoncodechange of other agent

  • (Enhancement 21652) Show message in UI when screen recording cannot be uploaded to sharepoint

  • (Enhancement 27676) SLA not calculated correctly because quickdropped calls are not taken into account

  • (Enhancement 29705) Recording control buttons stay active after call end when QM is enabled

  • (Enhancement 29732) Screenrecording only working when UCC is selected

  • (Enhancement 29690) WrapUp Time button disappears after restart

  • (Enhancement 28534) Enhanced loading for RecordingCapabilities Audio Recording Control

  • (Enhancement 25071) Timezone settings of UCC are not used in 'CallHistory' tab and reasoncode timer in 'AgentOverview' tab

  • (Enhancement 26238) Enhanced behavior when parsing session complete state


Teams Presence plugin

  • (Enhancement 25512) Enhancement when having multiple UCC's

  • (Enhancement 26835) Presence on startup is send prior to attendantservice being connected

  • (Enhancement 30205) Improved presence is send to UCC when using Graph mode