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Release Notes Inflight Snapper 8.0

Warning: We have stopped publishing updates on individual component and moved to bundle releases, more information can be found here.

V 8.0.6

14 July 2020


  • Core 6.7.11 or higher required

  • Latest Microsoft supported Windows 10


Feature improved behavior


Feature Internal Enhancement

  • (Enhancement 31856) Intune could not set an registry key that should be set by the Snapper installer. Because the registry key is obsolete it has been removed it and an Intune installation is now possible again

  • (Enhancement 31891) Every relevant texts in the Snapper that mentions Skype for Business now includes Teams.

  • (Enhancement 31847) Enhanced Teams Graph API authorization expiration

  • (Enhancement 32554) Teams Presence Plugin: Enhanced ActivityToken send to UCC

  • (Enhancement 30918) Improved UCC UI


V 8.0.5

17 June 2020


  • Core 6.7.11 or higher required

  • Latest Microsoft supported Windows 10


Feature improved behavior


  • (Feature 22311) Change property to get sip address in Graph API for Teams

  • (Feature 23423) Chats sessions are now shown in call overview tab

  • (Feature 20165) Don't close / give warning when screen recording is in progress

  • (Feature 26126) Enabled 'WrapUp' related settings for Teams

  • (Feature 24272) Enabled personal statistics for teams

  • (Feature 21816) Enabled ScreenRecording for Teams

  • (Feature 25559) Enabled Supervisor commands when using Teams

  • (Feature 22929) Enable Wrapup in combination with Teams

  • (Feature 21786) Implement recording controls web wervice

  • (Feature 27080) Install compatibility with Microsoft Intune

  • (Feature 24095) Open conversation window when AgentPhoto is double-clicked in Agent Overview

  • (Feature 23914) Reasoncodes dropdown has no green icon anymore for "No ReasonCode"

  • (Feature 21755) Enabled ReasonCodes for Teams

  • (Feature 29096) Call on behalf for Teams Direct Routing

  • (Feature 26713,26712,26714,26711,25112,26710,28271,25116,25115,25113,26259,29739,29682,25991,25114,22589) New Snapper Design


Teams Presence Plugin

  • (Feature 25889) Add Teams Presence Plugin as feature in the Snapper InstallWizard

  • (Feature 30225) Send offline presence to UCC when Windows is shutting down

  • (Feature 26345) Teams Presence Plugin: Add understandable error messages for common problems

  • (Feature 27132) Teams Presence Plugin: Implement Graph presence API


Feature Internal Enhancement


  • (Enhancement 30712) Enhanced scenario when adding specific UCC host

  • (Enhancement 30882) Call History Tab not showing caller name

  • (Enhancement 31063) Invalid 'Cannot supervise your own call' notification when trying to supervise call in Teams mode

  • (Enhancement 30765) Enhanced scenario closing Snapper when setting 'always visible' is enabled

  • (Enhancement 30884) Enhanced DashboardAgentStatisticsViewModel

  • (Enhancement 30998) Enhanced Teams presence plugin when autodiscover is active

  • (Enhancement 30918) Improved UI

  • (Enhancement 30812) Improved performance

  • (Enhancement 26114) Enhanced tooltip queuetime

  • (Enhancement 26107) (Re)Enable take command in 'Waiting tab' for Teams

  • (Enhancement 23499) Advanced statistics shows no status for busy agents when in Discharge

  • (Enhancement 27291) Impoved Call history tab handling different case ucc name

  • (Enhancement 27602) Calls not always counted in call history when using QM

  • (Enhancement 24931) DCI calls direct from contact endpoint from search without notification

  • (Enhancement 27988) Enhanced performance while adding ucc's

  • (Enhancement 27465) Enhanced performance CallHistory when conversation ends if contactfilter is active

  • (Enhancement 27233) Enhanced performance DashboardPersonalViewModel

  • (Enhancement 25186) Enhanced performance Identity SipUri = null

  • (Enhancement 27671) Improved Danish translations

  • (Enhancement 28541) Enhanced CPU load in Citrix

  • (Enhancement 28098) Enhanced configuration migration path for 6.9

  • (Enhancement 24214) Enhanced green icon is shown in UCC selection when informal agent When you create an 'Informal Agent' in the agent list, then this agent will be part of the agent circle as soon as he signs in to his Skype for Business or Teams client. In contrast, by marking the checkbox 'Formal' upon creating a new agent, the agent first has to actively sign in to the UCC to be available for call distribution.

  • (Enhancement 28027) Enhanced performance issues Advanced statistics

  • (Enhancement 27350) Reasoncode gets reset by reasoncodechange of other agent

  • (Enhancement 21652) Show message in UI when screen recording cannot be uploaded to sharepoint

  • (Enhancement 27676) SLA not calculated correctly because quickdropped calls are not taken into account

  • (Enhancement 29705) Recording control buttons stay active after call end when QM is enabled

  • (Enhancement 29732) Screenrecording only working when UCC is selected

  • (Enhancement 29690) WrapUp Time button disappears after restart

  • (Enhancement 28534) Enhanced loading for RecordingCapabilities Audio Recording Control

  • (Enhancement 25071) Timezone settings of UCC are not used in 'CallHistory' tab and reasoncode timer in 'AgentOverview' tab

  • (Enhancement 26238) Enhanced behavior when parsing session complete state


Teams Presence plugin

  • (Enhancement 25512) Enhancement when having multiple UCC's

  • (Enhancement 26835) Presence on startup is send prior to attendantservice being connected

  • (Enhancement 30205) Improved presence is send to UCC when using Graph mode