Release Notes Inflight Snapper 6.9

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V 6.9.3

27 March 2020



  • (Feature 20165) Don't close / give warning when screen recording is in progress

  • (Feature 21786) Implement call recording controls web service

  • (Feature 24095) Open conversation window when AgentPhoto is double-clicked in AgentOverview

  • (Feature 25559) Enable Supervisor commands when using MS Teams

  • (Feature 25889) Add Teams Presence Plugin as feature in the Snapper InstallWizard

  • (Feature 26345) Teams Presence Plugin: Add understandable error messages for common problems

  • (Feature 27132) Teams Presence Plugin: Implement Graph presence API


Feature Internal Enhancement

  • (Enhancement 21652) Show error in UI when screen recording cannot be uploaded to sharepoint

  • (Enhancement 26114) Enhanced tooltip queuetime

  • (Enhancement 26835) Teams Presence Plugin: Presence on startup is send prior to attendantservice being connected

  • (Enhancement 27602) Calls not always counted in call history when using QM

  • (Enhancement 27671) Improved Danish translations

  • (Enhancement 27676) SLA not calculated correctly because quickdropped calls are not taken into account

  • (Enhancement 27988) Enhanced performance while adding ucc's

  • (Enhancement 28027) Enhanced performance Advanced statistics

  • (Enhancement 28541) Enhanced CPU load in Citrix