Release Notes Inflight Snapper 6.7

Note In combination with CoreThe Core is the center of Anywhere365. It manages all the Dialogues. 6.6 or higher, the dashboard settings are moved the server side. Learn More

V 6.7.1

23 September 2019




Feature Internal Enhancement

  • (Enhancement 20616) Enhanced agent count in presence tabs in agent statistics tab when switching from Client or UCC presence
    Agent statistics in dashboard now shows Client or UCC presence the same as agent statistics tab depending on configured setting
    What presence is shown is now displayed

  • (Enhancement 23768) Enhanced Agent overview tab refresh when switching UCC.

  • (Enhancement 23631) Enhanced performance when Own Skill Filter is enabled on discovered UCC

  • (Enhancement 23635) Enhanced performance in AgentOverviewViewModel

  • (Enhancement 23601) Enhanced performance in DashboardReasonCodeViewModel

  • (Enhancement 22511) Enhanced CallOnBehalf behavior

    Changed the following in Snapper:

    • Improved event throttling (some events are received multiple times with same information)

    Changed the following in the interceptor functionality (UCC core):

  • (Enhancement 20581) Introduced chat icon for chat skills in advanced statistics tab

  • (Enhancement 21664) Enhanced performance with auto discovery

  • (Enhancement 21662) Enhanced Intercepted calls in Call History tab

  • (Enhancement 21413) Enhanced not able to minimize Snapper when full screen

  • (Enhancement 22576) Enhanced Snapper snapping on startup to client

  • (Enhancement 23766) Confirming to log out when you are the last agent in skill was not working with discovered UCC's and logged out the agent on the non-discorvered UCC

  • (Enhancement 23579) Enhanced Turn busy in wrap up