Release Notes Email Dialogue Provider 5.0

This version has reached its end of life. See our End of life policy.

V 5.0.18124.1


  • Updated EmailTab to v5.0.18124.0
    • Added support for EmailDownloadService http and https
    • Added optional GUI debug/error logging
    • Added option to hide the emaildownload button
    • Added notifications when email is not found on file system or the hyperlink cannot be found when using the 'hyperlink' functionality
    • 'Outlook' button is now displayed when save location on file system is available or using the 'hyperlink' functionality
    • Email is no longer saved on the file system when using the 'hyperlink' functionality
  • EmailDownloadService now supports http and https
  • Added ExtentionWindow related files to the package
  • New setting key for CRMExtentionWindow: <add key="GuiDebugLogging" value="false" />
  • New setting key for CRMExtentionWindow: <add key="HideEmailDownloadButton" value="false" />


Feature Internal Enhancements

  • None