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Release Notes Dialogue Manager 1.5

This version has reached its end of life. See our End of life policy.

V 1.5.0

Connected Product Dependencies

  • Custom Sessions Plugin v 6.6 or higher

    From Core v 6.7 or higher, the plugin will be shipped in the package.

  • (new) List plugin v 2.0 or higher

    Available in Core v 8.0, v 6.7.15, and v 6.6.15


Feature improved behavior

  • (Feature 26612) Don't include messages in conversation model.

  • (Feature 26394) Added support Receiver in PluginFlowSettings.

  • (Feature 24392) Add ReferenceId to conversation.

  • (Feature 27123) Additional hook for new message on active conversation.


Feature internal enhancement

  • (Enhancement 27646) Improved performance EmailDialogueProvider

  • (Enhancement 27557) Improved performance WebChatDialogueProvider