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Release Notes DC2021.05

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Inflight Wallboard (client)


New Features


Feature improvements


Feature enhancements

  • (Enhancement 51390) The Customer will no longer be shown as previous contacts in the WebAgent.

  • (Enhancement 52269) WebChat - TargetUris for Adaptive Cards Response made optional

  • (Enhancement 52143) The Agent no longer gets an error message when trying to perform a text search while not in any text UCC.

  • (Enhancement 48500) WebChat - The teaser message now visible on a second chat (after closing the first one)

  • (Enhancement 51875) WebChat - The teaser message now stay fixed next to the chat button. Even after scrolling the page.

  • (Enhancement 52262) WebChat - In Adaptive Cards the Submit ID field will now be used instead used for the Submit Title field.

  • (Enhancement 51765) WebWallboard- Keep other skills hidden when using the showskill url parameter

  • (Enhancement 50741) WebWallboard- Improved scenario that an agent disappeared when a reason code was reset

  • (Enhancement 49295) WebWallboard- Improved scenario that the WebWallboard will automatically reconnect when the connection was lost with the backend. For example when the browser tab was inactive.