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Release Notes DC2021.04

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Inflight Snapper


Inflight Wallboard (client)


New Features

  • (Feature 47601) A Waiting Queue node is introduced in Dialogue Studio, Learn MoreThis node makes it is possible to build your own Queue structure. For example you can play different messages to a Caller based on its position, or based on the Skill the customer is waiting for. Furthermore, you can provide an option to leave a voicemail or callback The CallBack feature enables the customer to leave his / her number to be called back by an available agent during business hours. request, when a Caller is waiting in the Queue longer than expected. The sample in Dialogue Studio should give you a head-start to build your own Queue strategy.

  • (Feature 46866) The WebAgent now supports phone-number normalizations. If phone-numbers are called via the Dialpad, contacts, add participant, blind transfer, delight transfer, or consult they will now be parsed automatically. For example from "Internalization Format" or "National Format" to "E.164 Format", Learn More

  • (Feature 48002) The WebAgent is now part of the bundle. Based on the deployed bundle, the corresponding WebAgent will now be loaded.

  • (Feature 47726) The Email Dialogue Provider now offers a new setting to remove the thread on a forward, Learn More

  • (Feature 44639) Introduced a new Dialogue Provider to support WhatsApp and SMS from Vonage, Learn More

  • (Feature 42502) The DialogueManager can now communicate with Dialogue Studio to facilitate Pre-queue state communication with third party applications, Learn More

  • (Feature) The CRM Service for Dynamics can now also save attachments to activities when using in combination with the Email Dialogue Provider, Learn More


Feature improvements

  • (Feature 46556) When a call is put OnHold using the UCC Plugin API, Music On Hold is now played to the Caller. As soon as a call is resumed, the music stops playing.

  • (Feature 43583) Adaptive Cards for the WebChat has been extended to have unique actions per submit id. Additional you can now also forward the submitted data to an HTTP endpoint, for example Dialogue Studio or Power Automate, Learn More

  • (Feature 43580) HTML send from the customer will now be sanitized to prevent loading from untrusted sources.


Feature enhancements

  • (Enhancement 47571) Due to a limitation in SharePoint, the Outbound Dialer stopped processing new calls once the Outbound Dialer Calls list contained over 5000 items. This is now resolved.

  • (Enhancement 46147) When an Outbound Dialer Call was initiated and accepted by an Agent, the output is now correctly written to SharePoint when the Customer does not answer the call and there is no Voicemail enabled on its device.

  • (Enhancement 46917) Scrolling the "CallHistory" of the WebAgent caused the set to show the same results.

  • (Enhancement 42515) Inflight Wallboard no longer loses connection and throws error when changing views by "DemoClickLogo"

  • (Enhancement 51894) Inflight Wallboard improved upgrading statistics in View 2 (Grid view)

  • (Enhancement 51590) Inflight Wallboard improved showing agents in View 6 (Reason Codes)

  • (Enhancement 51591) Inflight Wallboard improved statistics in View 8 (Multi UCC Group)