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Release Notes DC2021.04

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Feature enhancements

  • (Enhancement 47571) Due to a limitation in SharePoint, the Outbound Dialer stopped processing new calls once the Outbound Dialer Calls list contained over 5000 items. This is now resolved.

  • (Enhancement 46147) When an Outbound Dialer Call was initiated and accepted by an Agent, the output is now correctly written to SharePoint when the Customer does not answer the call and there is no Voicemail enabled on its device.

  • (Enhancement 46917) Scrolling the "CallHistory" of the WebAgent caused the set to show the same results.

  • (Enhancement 42515) Inflight Wallboard no longer loses connection and throws error when changing views by "DemoClickLogo"

  • (Enhancement 51894) Inflight Wallboard improved upgrading statistics in View 2 (Grid view)

  • (Enhancement 51590) Inflight Wallboard improved showing agents in View 6 (Reason Codes)

  • (Enhancement 51591) Inflight Wallboard improved statistics in View 8 (Multi UCC Group)