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Release Notes DC2021.03

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New Features


Feature improvements

  • (Feature 42164) Wrap up events from other UCCs will no longer be received when hanging up a call, resulting the Wrap-up controls not disappearing when in multiple UCCs.

  • (Feature 43094) Implement StopRecordingAfterTranfer setting for a Single Conference Consult, so that recordings are stopped when a customer is transferred using the WebAgent.

  • (Feature 46556) Using the onHold action in the WebAgent Call Controls will now put the customer on hold and play the music on hold.

  • (Feature 28223) It is now possible to update the ClientId and ClientSecret (required for connecting to SharePoint) without a restart interrupting the service.


Feature enhancements


Feature enhancements - Version - a

  • (Enhancement 50818) The timeline shown in the WebAgent is now sorted by descending when the agent has multiple UCCs, instead of per timeline source.

  • (Enhancement 50776) The wrapup in the WebAgent can now be canceled or extended again when the conversation was closed.

  • (Enhancement 48066) The second agent after a skill transfer will now have access to all call controls in the WebAgent.

  • (Enhancement 49453) When switching between Reply and Forward in the WebAgent the Attachment were not visible.

  • (Enhancement 47258) The duration shown in the text search in the WebAgent now corrected to the timezone.

  • (Enhancement 46422) The setting "ConnectionString" on SharePoint is now a multi-line to better support Azure SQL connectionstring longer than 256 characters.