Dialogue Cloud

Release Notes DC2021.03

New Features

  • (Feature 43018,43152) Added Forward Email feature for the WebAgent, Learn More

  • (Feature 43015, 43016 New Email feature for the WebAgent, Learn More

  • (Feature 42214, 42173, 42213) Added FrontEnd Availability information for WebChat 2.0

  • (Feature 42114) Added Adaptive Card Framework for WebChat 2.0

  • (Feature 43573) WebChat 2.0 response to specific Key-value pairs in Adaptive Cards

  • (Feature 39098) Adds the option to automatically have the provider close abandoned webchat sessions.

  • (Feature 42513) Introduced the ability to authenticate to Microsoft Graph for collecting presence, without confirming a Device Token (this only works for accounts that have Multi-Factor Authentication disabled).

  • (Feature 31151) Enhanced Direct Routing improves the Agent experience significantly. Invites indicate in which Queue the caller is waiting, and transfers are handled by Anywhere365 which makes it possible to enrich reporting as well as Agent reservations.

  • (Feature 26798) When an incoming call is handled via Dialogue Studio, the metadata of the Endpoint receiving the call is now also provided to Dialogue Studio and can be used to optimize the experience of the Customer.


Feature improvements

  • (Feature 42164) Wrap up events from other UCCs will no longer be received when hanging up a call, resulting the Wrap-up controls not disappearing when in multiple UCCs.

  • (Feature 43094) Implement StopRecordingAfterTranfer setting for a Single Conference Consult, so that recordings are stopped when a customer is transferred using the WebAgent.

  • (Feature 46556) Using the onHold action in the WebAgent Call Controls will now put the customer on hold and play the music on hold.

  • (Feature 28223) It is now possible to update the ClientId and ClientSecret (required for connecting to SharePoint) without a restart interrupting the service.


Feature enhancements


Feature enhancements - a Bundle

  • (Enhancement 50818) The timeline shown in the WebAgent is now sorted by descending when the agent has multiple UCCs, instead of per timeline source.

  • (Enhancement 50776) The wrapup in the WebAgent can now be canceled or extended again when the conversation was closed.

  • (Enhancement 48066) The second agent after a skill transfer will now have access to all call controls in the WebAgent.

  • (Enhancement 49453) When switching between Reply and Forward in the WebAgent the Attachment were not visible.

  • (Enhancement 47258) The duration shown in the text search in the WebAgent now corrected to the timezone.

  • (Enhancement 46422) The setting "ConnectionString" on SharePoint is now a multi-line to better support Azure SQL connectionstring longer than 256 characters.