Dialogue Cloud

Release Notes DC2021.00

New Features

  • (Feature 37480 ) Added PCI Compliance (secure destination), Learn More

  • (Feature 39372) WebAgent customer disconnected the session for WebChat 2.0 Sessions

  • (Feature 39100) WebAgent shows connection status information for WebChat 2.0 Sessions

  • (Feature 38667, 38507) Upload attachments to CrmService for Email Sessions

  • (Feature 42516) Add option to disable thread when replying on an email, Learn More


Feature improvements


Feature enhancements

  • (Enhancement 42606) Enhanced Supervisor (Talk/Whisper) functionality in Direct Routing scenario

  • (Enhancement 42084) Return correct IVRQuestion when IvrSessionStarted is called in the IvrPlugin

  • (Enhancement 41715) Stop playback of Outside Business hours when hunt is accepted

  • (Enhancement 36826) Retry connection when port is available but Dialogue Studio plugin is not setup for the requested UCC yet.

  • (Enhancement 38497) After failed supervisor or trainee consult next action gives error: No valid leaving transitions are permitted from state 'Failed' for trigger 'ConsultEnding'.

  • (Enhancement 43588) Prevent timeout when changing Formal Active status of an Agent in a UCC that has many other Agents

  • (Enhancement 44572) Stop playback of Outside Business hours when hunt is accepted

  • (Enhancement 37262) Call on behalf doesn't show the correct from address when choosing a Modality Endpoint

  • (Enhancement 42606) Enhanced Supervisor (Talk/Whisper) functionality in Direct Routing scenario

  • (Enhancement 35445) Improved CORS failed to fetch message that can be shown in the WebAgent

  • (Enhancement 42674) SignalR reconnect doesn't subscribe to groups when the WebAgent loses the connection

  • (Enhancement 45849) Formal signed out agent blocks presence updates being send to the WebAgent

  • (Enhancement 45820) Added removed conversation is sent after a Text hunt time-out, resulting the WebAgent now cleaning up the text conversation

  • (Enhancement 39534) The initial CapabilityEvent is sent only to the client that initiated the request, the removes interference when running multiple WebAgents with the same user.

  • (Enhancement 42115) Customer leaves consult in invalid state when disconnecting in the WebAgent

  • (Enhancement 42081) Improved scenario that the conversation was cleaned up to soon, resulting in an error when classifying or handling the session in the WebAgent.

  • (Enhancement 42117) Improved conversation removed event in consult disconnect, resulting that the conversation in the WebAgent of the Consultee is now removed.

  • (Enhancement 41878) Send BadRequest to WebAgent if CrmService query is empty

  • (Enhancement 41877) Send conversation removed event when Agent declines outbound call, resulting that the WebAgent now cleaning up the outbound conversation.

  • (Enhancement 42096) UccCapability update sent without changes, causing the WebAgent to receive unnecessary updates.

  • (Enhancement 42123) Use correct data type for query on UccName, this improves the performance of the Dialogue Manager

  • (Enhancement 39167) Prevent sessions with state None when two Email Dialogue Providers are reading the same mailbox

  • (Enhancement 36078) Added support for Inbox name in a different language when using the Email Dialogue Provider

  • (Enhancement 41569) Missing agent name, solving the Agent reply not being send to the customer in a WebChat session