Release Notes Create Plugin List 6.0

24 September 2019

  • Enhanced set / update 'FieldType' field in 'PluginAttributes' list when there are multiple choices. "Value1,Value2" is the proper format for this field in the csv file.

  • Real error message is displayed when importing new settings fails

25 July 2019

  • Changed 'PluginAttributes' items import to now use 'DisplayName', 'SystemName' and 'Category' fields as item identifiers to determine if an item needs to be added or updated

21 May 2019

  • Enhanced 'PluginAttribute' lookup field import in 'PluginFlowSettings' list

5 April 2019

  • Added setting '$removeOldPluginSettings' to indicate you want to delete old plugin settings before importing new ones

  • Old plugin settings will only be removed when import file has items or you recreate the plugin lists

  • Changed that existing plugin settings will be updated instead of adding the same settings again

19 March 2019

  • Removed most of the question prompts and is now configurable in properties.ps1

  • Relationship behavior will be disabled and later enabled to avoid deletion problems

  • Import new settings can be done without recreating the plugin lists

  • Import new settings now removes old settings first

  • All setting fields in the plugin lists (including lookup fields) can be imported

  • 'BlackList' list can be (re)created optionally

  • Changed version number format to A365 standard

  • Changed file structure



04 July 2018

  • Initial release