Release Notes Core 8.1

Note: Update from 6.2 or lower will:


V 8.1.0

30 September 2020

Connected Product Dependencies

  • Dialogue Intelligence SSRS Report v 6.0.18235.01

  • Universal Timeline Service v 6.3.2

  • When using WebAgent:

    Note Always also check the WebAgent client dependencies, Learn More


New Feature


  • (Feature 26070) Implement Presence API, Learn More

    The Core now supports collecting Presence in Microsoft Teams via the Graph API.

Dialogue Studio

  • (Feature 33395) Dialogue Studio: Add support for all Action Types.

Release Files

  • (Feature 26198) Core Update script (UpdateUCC.ps1) to include question to delete cache files.


Feature internal enhancement

Unified Contact Center Release Build

  • (Enhancement 30236) Enhancement for no pause between WaitingQueue messages.

  • (Enhancement 32377) A UCC would keep a lock on the AudioData folder in its cache directory, even after it was stopped by removing it from the config.xml. This prevented you from removing the cache while the UCC Service was running. This is now fixed.

  • (Enhancement 30610) Add QueueNameChangedEvent to EventBus, fix use of SessionQueue.Name when not appropriate.

  • (Enhancement 34723) Add support for 8.1 SharePoint templateSharePoint templates help you manage the settings of each UCC individually, as each UCC is organized via an own SharePoint site. The template is available on several platforms, such as SharePoint Server, Azure Server, and Office 365 SharePoint..

  • (Enhancement 29433) Calls Waiting, Longest Wait, Average Wait, and On a Call statistics were not computed for Chat Skills. Now they are.

  • (Enhancement 30820) Calls would sometimes remain visible on the Wallboard or in the Snapper indefinitely. This is no longer the case.

  • (Enhancement 28016) Changed Error to Warning for AgentReservationManager

  • (Enhancement 34385) Enhancement for DCI AutoStartOutboundAudioRecording setting adherence.

  • (Enhancement 33029) Improve memory performance which can occur in a UCC using the Graph presence provider.

  • (Enhancement 32974) Enhancement for Serialization issue SkillEscapeMaxQueueSize.

  • (Enhancement 32256) Enhancement scenario when agent was removed while its desired presence source is not enabled.

  • (Enhancement 32613) Improve memory performance in LegStateHelper.

  • (Enhancement 34111) Enhancement for Teams federatedWhen using Anywhere365 in combination with Federation you can easily add agents working with a Skype for Business or Teams account to your UCC. hunter when PSTN call is received on other internal sipThe Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol to make multimedia communication (audio, video and other data communication) possible and it is also used for Voice over IP (VoIP). SIP has similarities with other Internet protocols such as HTTP and SMTP. domain.

  • (Enhancement 33572) Hunt fails if Teams Agent is hunted through federation and TeamsAnonymousImpersonateUri is not set.

  • (Enhancement 33244) In a multi UCC scenario the IvrPlugins would not always be started when ucc1 forwarded a caller to ucc2's lineuri instead of sipuri because the leg for the caller could not be found. This is now fixed.

  • (Enhancement 32582) In vary rare occasions a UCC would log ERROR System.NullReferenceException during startup in SubscribeNewCalls. This was harmless but is now no longer the case.

  • (Enhancement 34584) Logs will now display a truncated version of SpeechRecognizer hints (100 characters max).

  • (Enhancement 32962) MediaChannel state changes were not logged.

  • (Enhancement 29357) OnHoldMusic would not be started when a call was created using the DirectDialer. This is no longer the case.

  • (Enhancement 32524) PluginAPI SayAsync method fixed when first hunt was ignored.

  • (Enhancement 32497) Prevent duplicate add handlers when casing is different for the same msmq.

  • (Enhancement 32988) Selecting a Forward Skill as action for the Message Overflow would not actually forward the Caller. This is now fixed.

  • (Enhancement 32694) Transferring PSTN callers to PSTN phone number by a Federated Agent succeeds again.

  • (Enhancement 34115) UCC endpoint establish timeout increased from 30s to 60s

  • (Enhancement 31877) UCC_Huntlog table shows success is 0 even when the hunt is successful (DirectRouting).

  • (Enhancement 30196) When an Agent attempts to handle a Dialogue created by the TextHandlingSystem that they themselves created, this would cause the Hunts to fail in the UCC log, and no reservation / wrap-up would be created. This is fixed.

  • (Enhancement 33308) When Graph Presence is disabled do not suggest this presence source.

  • (Enhancement 33425) When Hunting fails for unknown reasons, the Hunter would start hunting as fast as possible, using up all system resources. This process is now throttled by the HuntThrottlingManager when hunts are failing quickly.

  • (Enhancement 27313) When the QualityMonitor mode for WebChatPlus was set to numeric, the quality monitor result would be reported to an Agent if the Customer ended the Session. Agents now no longer receive this result.


Feature improved behavior



Plugin build

Feature internal enhancement