Release Notes Core 8.0

Note: Update from 6.2 or lower will:

  • Create a Skype Application and Endpoint for the Presence Provider, Learn More

  • Change the Default log / cache / config location to:

    C:\ProgramData\Anywhere365\CoreThe Core is the center of Anywhere365. It manages all the Dialogues.\Service\UnifiedContactCenterService\

  • Alter the database to use sipmapid instead of plain text.

    • Reports need to be updated to V 6.0.18235.01 or higher.

    • Universal Timeline Service needs to be updated to V 6.3.2 or higher.

V 8.0.7

9 March 2020



Feature Internal Enhancement


  • (Enhancement 28189) Scope for plugin settings of Dialogue Studio changed to DialogueStudio

  • (Enhancement 20666) When saving updates to the config.xml the WspFileSystemWatcher would occasionally miss updates and log an error about not being able to access the file because it is being used by another process. This is no longer the case.

  • (Enhancement 27941) When a UCCUCC stands for Unified Contact Center and consists of a queue that can be handled by Agents Each Contact Center has its own settings, interactive voice response questions and Agent with specific skills. Agents can be member of, or sign up to, one or more Contact Centers. would be terminated (for example by removing from the config), the ChatRecording for any active Chat Sessions would fail to save because of a NullReferenceException in the ChatHistoryRecorderPlugin.

  • (Enhancement 26797) Enhanced cases where a Call would not be processed by the UCC because of a misbehaving Plugin configured as Action of an IvrQuestion

  • (Enhancement 28069) Make sure CustomSessionPlugin only loads in Enterprise and upwards

  • (Enhancement 27096) A Supervisor would not receive updates on Agent specific statistics (other than their own) in the Advanced Statistics Tab of the Snapper.

  • (Enhancement 27151) Audio would not be audible after an Inbound Intercepted Call Session was transferred into, and the Agent for which the Call was Intercepted had Call Forwarding enabled.

  • (Enhancement 27026) Clear Error message when not endpoint have been configured.

  • (Enhancement 27133) Consultative Transfers to Inbound Intercepted Call Sessions would be declined by the UCC: "AudioSessionTransferVerifier-Verify Declining transfer. The state of the session to transfer to is not Negotiated. Actual state:NonNegotiable".

  • (Enhancement 26941) UCC hunts went to Agent's Voicemail in some scenario's, this is no longer the case.

  • (Enhancement 27042) When the Customer closes the Chat before answering the Quality Monitor, the Chat Session would not be correctly terminated by the UCC. This causes, among other things, the ChatHistoryRecording to not be saved.


Dialogue Studio

  • (Enhancement 28008) Allow the plugin to send empty action when plugin does not want to handle QualityMonitorQuestion

  • (Enhancement 28173) When building the audio file cache failed, a exception occurred. Now an error is logged, the cache directory backed up (for possible inspection), and the UCC starts without cache.

  • (Enhancement 28011) When setting the PluginName for an existing QualityMonitorRecord, the record would not be updated. Now it is.

  • (Enhancement 27997) Double connect in very specific scenario with wrong configuration will not occur anymore.

  • (Enhancement 28106) Error message when UCC not found changed into WARN - Reduced amount of exceptions.

  • (Enhancement 25704) When skills were configured with the wrong casing the enqueue failed. Can be used for Catch Node.

  • (Enhancement 27931) Implement Compatibility Check between Dialogue Studio Server and the Dialogue Studio Plugin

  • (Enhancement 27915) Application/web service won't start on default port but wait for plugin settings of the UCC, port is required to start the application.

  • (Enhancement 25689) Some urls were not playing, the UCC now downloads them puts the audio file in the right encoding and caches the item

  • (Enhancement 23480) Cleanup all audio participants when a session is ended

  • (Enhancement 26104) Customer now receives feedback when a WebChat is closed due to inactivity.

  • (Enhancement 27910) Selection based on CultureInfo enhanced

  • (Enhancement 27587) Whenever a Supervisor or Agent would chat to the UCC, this would cause an error "Unable to resolve Flow to OutsideSipUri for Call".

  • (Enhancement 27472) DialogueStudio transcriptor not working with msg.stop = true;

  • (Enhancement 27367) Improved exceptions in Dialogue Studio using the new SessionManager

  • (Enhancement 27469) More states added in Dialogue Studio for nodes that are connecting to the webservice.

  • (Enhancement 24413) Agents with Presence Away would still be hunted for TextHandling, because hunts for TextHandling would consider the MobileDeviceHuntPresence setting (set to Away by default) even though the Agent was not logged on Mobile.

  • (Enhancement 27476) Enhanced warm transfer if same internal endpoint is used.

  • (Enhancement 26934) Make logging during UCC termination more detailed.

  • (Enhancement 27030) Removing a Skill without removing the corresponding Skills Per Agent first would lead to an error in the log.

  • (Enhancement 26617) When an Agent accepted an Outbound Dialer call but immediately disconnects the Call, this would mark the Outbound Dialer Call with status Unknown instead of AgentHungUpBeforeCustomerAnswered

  • (Enhancement 26618) Next cycle for conference keep alive is now logged in ISO 8601 format (local time). For example: 2020-02-07T14:55:45.5436083+01:00

  • (Enhancement 27241) Verbose logging of ParticipantCollection would not contain all details

  • (Enhancement 27377) InDialogue and PostDialogue phase would fail (error in the log, and no events received in Dialogue Studio) when a PSTN Agent accepted the call. This is no longer the case.

  • (Enhancement 25688) Enhanced Forwarded PSTN call

  • (Enhancement 26886) When forwarding a Call from a PSTN caller to a UCC with a Dialogue Studio Flow (or any other Plugin Flow) configured, an error would be written in the log and the Plugin Flow would not be started.

  • (Enhancement 26925) API: claim on say could still be active before next say

  • (Enhancement 27060) Enhanced scenario when a Customer closes WebChat with QualityMonitor enabled but without ever speaking to an Agent and the Dialogue Studio Plugin configured.

  • (Enhancement 26982)Create Chat node isn't functioning properly

  • (Enhancement 26909) Missing description for output of Wait-for-Chat-node

  • (Enhancement 26911) msg, flow and global not working for translate and creat chat session.

  • (Enhancement 26876) Transcriptor help text has capital T for value but is changed to lowercase

  • (Enhancement 27012) InDialogue path doesn't seem to work for chat


Install script


V 8.0.0

20 January 2020


Custom Sessions

  • (Feature 21237) CustomSessions now support ForwardSkills and ForwardActions

  • (Feature 21113) Text Handling - Add method Restore Session to Custom Session API


PluginFrameWork API, Learn More

  • (Feature 21747) Add Events UccEndpointPresenceChangedEvent, UccEndpointAddedEvent, and UccEndpointRemovedEvent to the Event Bus

  • (Feature 21594) Chat History support for Plugins

  • (Feature 21799) Modified IPluginServiceSettings interface, added string property ServiceName

  • (Feature 22396) Plugin Framework feature: Audio streams of customer in ivrSessionStarted

  • (Feature 23483 The UCC now auto generates binding redirects during runtime. This makes loading plugins more robust.

  • (Feature 23960 When a Plugin fails to load provide instructions on how to resolve and version information in the log

  • (Feature 25886) Implement Ssml validation

  • (Feature 24075) Add support for transcriptor in Plugin Framework

  • (Feature 24624) Added MergeSessionsAsync Api Call

  • (Feature 23752) Adding support for text translators in Plugin Framework

  • (Feature 26036) AskAndWaitForInput now supports specification of a specific Text to Speech Voice

  • (Feature 25884) AskAndWaitForInput now supports SSML

  • (Feature 25470) Implement SaySsml function for PluginApi

  • (Feature 24651) Plugins can now also control Sessions when either the Customer or Agent has disconnected. This can be used, for example, to implement post-dialogue Agent questionnaires.

  • (Feature 24865) Plugins can now control the PostDialogue phase for Chat Sessions

  • (Feature 25020) Plugins can now specify a Culture for Text To Speech, in addition to using the Culture configured in the UCC

  • (Feature 26039) Plugins can now specify their minimally required license.

  • (Feature 24570) Plugins can now translate text using Microsoft Cognitive Services

  • (Feature 24537) Provide the ability to let plugins handle specific quality monitor questions

  • (Feature 24432) Additional options for AskAndWaitForInput utility class

  • (Feature 23748) Microsoft Cognitive Speech can now be used with with the plugin-in API

  • (Feature 24650) PluginApi: Gracefully handle all exceptions by Plugins

  • (Feature 23746) The Plugin API now supports Text To Speech engine plugins

  • (Feature 20495) Plug-in API support for creating chat sessions


​​The BlockList Feature, Learn More

  • (Feature 18254) Agent to away when a hunt timeout occurs



  • (Feature 25539)

    Added Chat recording, Learn More

    Added Transcript recording, Learn More

    Added Translation recording, Learn More

  • (Feature 24793) Allow transfers to negotiable sessions

  • (Feature 24014) Add additional KPIs on service level, Learn More

  • (Feature 21354) Added AudioVideo Calls and ApplicationSharing to existing(connected) im sessions

  • (Feature 19562) Added license options for unique agent uris

  • (Announcement 23225) Change: Loading Endpoint Settings now requires Sharepoint Template >=5.0

  • (Feature 21446) Dialogue Manager - Add support for action disconnect

  • (Feature 23745) Integrate the AudioFileManager in the Unified Contact Center

  • (Feature 17907) Request permission for individual supervisor actions (via chat) for agents

  • (Feature 22433) SharePoint: The UCC log now shows which list has a dangling reference when it warns you about it.


Feature Internal Enhancement

  • (Enhancement 25149) PluginSettings, PluginFlowSettings, and PluginAttributes would not be retrieved unless the SharePoint template was at least 6.0. They are now always retrieved if they exist, and if one or more of the lists do not exist, a warning is logged.

  • (Enhancement 23011) After changing the Modality of an Endpoint in SharePoint the Modality would not be changed until the Cache of the UCC was removed.

  • (Enhancement 25445) Audio Modality Endpoints without a Skill or ParentQuestion will now fallback to the Welcome Message for all Licenses >= SmallBusiness, rather than not creating the Endpoint.

  • (Enhancement 24253) Conference keep alive wasn't stopped when conferences were terminated

  • (Enhancement 26875) Core 8.0 - Endpoints stay on available after stopping UCC Service

  • (Enhancement 23801) DirectDialer session summary not able to determine if customer accepted

  • (Enhancement 26965) Enhanced log message MaxPossibleChatsPerAgentValidator::UpdateMaxPossibleChatsPerAgent during shutdown

  • (Enhancement 22346) Fill AcceptedSince property of CallState for Outbound Intercepted calls

  • (Enhancement 26797) Enhanced cases where a Call would not be processed by the UCC because of a misbehaving Plugin configured as Action of an IvrQuestion

  • (Enhancement 26784) Enhanced for Create Chat Session API not terminating gracefully.

  • (Enhancement 25076) Enhanced scenario when transcriptor was starting while customer hung up.

  • (Enhancement 21411) Enhanced Transferred-By Header with Transfers

  • (Enhancement 24056) Enhanced First message from WebAttendant (UCWA) user is received twice in Plugin Framework

  • (Enhancement 25519) MergeSessionAsync api implementation has wrong validation rules

  • (Enhancement 24414) Plugins did not have access to ChatForwardSkills. Now they do.

  • (Enhancement 26967) Plugins not receiving all events during UCC service shutdown

  • (Enhancement 24544) When Routing configs become invalid because the Skill or Question they are linked to are removed this will now log a clear message

  • (Enhancement 22519) Cached Conferences would occasionally time-out while in use. This is no longer the case

  • (Enhancement 25037) Improve the performance of the Microsoft Speech Synthesizer Plugin by re-using already loaded Engines

  • (Enhancement 10131) Enhancement on handling Attendantservice requests