Release Notes Core 6.7

Note: Update from 6.2 or lower will:

  • Create a Skype Application and Endpoint for the Presence Provider, Learn More

  • Change the Default log / cache / config location to:

    C:\ProgramData\Anywhere365\CoreThe Core is the center of Anywhere365. It manages all the Dialogues.\Service\UnifiedContactCenterService\

  • Alter the database to use sipmapid instead of plain text.

    • Reports need to be updated to V 6.0.18235.01 or higher.

    • Universal Timeline Service needs to be updated to V 6.3.2 or higher.

V 6.7.14

15 January 2020


  • (Feature 26467) Add option ServiceLevelEventLogging that can be used to troubleshoot Advanced Statistics


Feature Internal Enhancement


V 6.7.11

29 November 2019

Feature Internal Enhancement


V 6.7.8

13 November 2019


  • (Feature 18064) The UCC no longer requires access to the master database if the database already exists.

  • (Feature 25105) Stored procedure performance improvements

  • (Feature 24991) Presence Provider is able to deal with more subscriptions.


Feature Internal Enhancement

  • (Enhancement 25310) By adding child logger capabilities, there is less change of logging mixups.

  • (Enhancement 24606) Advanced Statistics would not reset daily anymore if an exception happened during the daily reset


V 6.7.4

22 October 2019

Feature Internal Enhancement


V 6.7.2

08 October 2019



Feature Internal Enhancement