Release Notes Core 6.6

Note: Update from 6.2 or lower will:

  • Create a Skype Application and Endpoint for the Presence Provider, Learn More

  • Change the Default log / cache / config location to:

    C:\ProgramData\Anywhere365\CoreThe Core is the center of Anywhere365. It manages all the Dialogues.\Service\UnifiedContactCenterService\

  • Alter the database to use sipmapid instead of plain text.

    • Reports need to be updated to V 6.0.18235.01 or higher.

    • Universal Timeline Service needs to be updated to V 6.3.2 or higher.

V 6.6.14

15 January 2020


  • (Feature 26467) Add option ServiceLevelEventLogging that can be used to troubleshoot Advanced Statistics


Feature Internal Enhancement


V 6.6.12

01 October 2019

Feature Internal Enhancement

  • (Enhancement 24293) Enhanced performance consultative transfer

  • (Enhancement 24263) Logging out of the WebAgent will no longer terminate all CustomSessions for that Agent.

  • (Enhancement 23692) Do not broadcast Outbound endpoints when UseOutboundRecording=false

  • (Enhancement 24132) Enhanced performance when retrieving the Timeline in Extension Window

  • (Enhancement 24063) Improved loading ConfiguredSpeechRecognizerCulture when plugin calls PluginUccSettings that are not yet loaded


V 6.6.9

09 September 2019

Feature Internal Enhancement


V 6.6.8

26 August 2019


Feature Internal Enhancement


V 6.6.0

27 May 2019


  • (Feature 12524) Non-identity prompts will now respect the AmountPromptDigits setting

  • (Feature 14020) Add inbound routing rule option Referred By Callee. When an inbound intercepted call goes through the routing list and a skill is set, this option defines whether or not the transferred by header should show the SIP Address of the intercepted Agent.

  • (Feature 16788) Enabled the use of call on behalf endpoints when using direct call interceptor (snapper)

  • (Feature 17906) ConnectionStrings can now be stored in encrypted format in SharePoint, Learn More

    Note SharePoint Template 6.2 required

  • (Feature 20553) Dialogues can now be scheduled based on time remaining to meet Service Level Agreements, instead of just Waiting Time, Learn More

    Note SharePoint Template 6.2 required

  • (Feature 20555) Advanced Statistics Plugin. Enabled by default. Use in combination with the Snapper 6.7 to get extra real-time Agent Statistics, Learn More

  • (Feature 6889) Add two new settings "StartAutonomousDialerOnStartup" and "StartOutboundDialerOnStartup" that can be used to start dialers automatically

  • (Feature 8781) Allow renewing of license without restarting the UCC service. The license must have the same level. Both upgrades and downgrades of the license still require a UCC service restart.

Feature Internal Enhancement

  • (Enhancement 15364) The UCC now stops when failing over to an invalid license.
  • (Enhancement 17909) Campaign Dialer no longer writes ERROR "Entry is currently not in a queue" when an Agent does not accept Campaign Dialer Call. This error was harmless and is now fixed.
  • (Enhancement 18612) The MaxConcurrent setting that allows you to start UCCs is now properly respected. When starting without cache still MaxConcurrent is limited to a maximum of 5.
  • (Enhancement 19764) Improved settings Caching for TrainerTrainee
  • (Enhancement 20361) The Reports would sometimes show the Queue Position of a successfully Forwarded Call changing. This is no longer the case, but already generated data will not be fixed.
  • (Enhancement 20487) Enhanced StartBuffer max size is ucc's are added
  • (Enhancement 20490) Enhanced Inbound intercepted session Im recorder chat commands on AgentImSession