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Release Notes Core 6.5

This version is not longer technical supported. See our End of life policy.

Note: SharePoint 2010 no longer supported for Core 6.5.

Note: Update from 6.2 or lower will:

  • Create a Skype Application and Endpoint for the Presence Provider, %=MyVariables.LearnMore%]

  • Change the Default log / cache / config location to:


  • Alter the database to use sipmapid instead of plain text.

    • Reports need to be updated to V 6.0.18235.01 or higher.

    • Universal Timeline Service needs to be updated to V 6.3.2 or higher.

V 6.5.42

07 April 2020


Install script

  • (Feature 28302) Check "Log On As A Service" rights for service account during InstallUcc script

  • (Feature 27933) Plugins part of install package

  • (Feature 23519) Improved script UCC creator in combination with InstallExtraUCC

  • (Feature 20359) UCC install script - KPI Creator Prompt should by default run when not answered


Feature Internal Enhancement


  • (Enhancement 27853) Enhanced SharePoint connected counter doesn’t work with app-id/secret


Install script

  • (Enhancement 27040) CreateWebService function in scripts is not dynamic

  • (Enhancement 26854) SfB 2019 DVD not recognized during installation

  • (Enhancement 20372) Changed default choice for Kpi Creater when installing/updating ucc

  • (Enhancement 21699) Enhanced update

  • (Enhancement 26264) Enhanced Install script when installing TTS

  • (Enhancement 18390) InstallUcc script should not always automatically create the presence provider trusted application

  • (Enhancement 26329) installucc.ps1 doesn't install correct Core version

  • (Enhancement 28420) Plugin directory created when it was not before and feedback when plugin config location is changed

  • (Enhancement 26257) Update script bug in run KPI creator

  • (Enhancement 27886) UpdateUCC.ps1 and detection if Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 installed on the server



V 6.5.41

20 February 2020

Feature Internal Enhancement

  • (Enhancement 20666) When saving updates to the config.xml the WspFileSystemWatcher would occasionally miss updates and log an error about not being able to access the file because it is being used by another process. This is no longer the case.


V 6.5.40

15 January 2020

Feature Internal Enhancement

  • (Enhancement 26825) Enhanced scenario when a Consultative Transfer was started to an Inbound Intercepted Session while the Inbound Intercepted Session was not yet established to the Agent.

  • (Enhancement 22129) Disallow transfers to sessions which are not Negotiated

  • (Enhancement 26459) Error in UCC logs when Welcome Recording is deleted

  • (Enhancement 25501) Extension window. Conference tab not showing correct Display Names

  • (Enhancement 26432) Not all MSMQ writers honored UseCallDetailRecording setting

  • (Enhancement 24165) Recording location reported twice when using UNC path.

  • (Enhancement 26470) Removed "ShowOnWallboard" setting from Advanced Statistics Plugin

  • (Enhancement 24143) Enhanced writing to database, when Recording copied to UNC path


V 6.5.38

12 June 2019


  • (Feature 20339) Added setting TeamsAnonymousImpersonateUri, Learn More

  • (Feature 20340) Added setting UseTeamsHunter, Learn More


Feature Internal Enhancement


V 6.5.35

27 May 2019


  • (Feature 17303) Add setting CallbackAllowAgentToMarkCallAsFailedBeforeCustomerAnswered that determines if the Agent is allowed to mark a call as failed before the customer (or their answering machine) has answered the call. (default: false)
  • (Feature 17920) Add setting AutoStartDirectInboundAudioRecording that when set to TRUE will automatically start the recorder. When set to FALSE the agent can start the recorder manually (if UseInboundAudioRecording is enabled). AgentCanEditAudioRecording is required for an agent to start/stop/pause recording
  • (Feature 17920) Add setting AutoStartOutboundAudioRecording that when set to TRUE will automatically start the recorder. When set to FALSE the agent can start the recorder manually (if UseOutboundAudioRecording is enabled). AgentCanEditAudioRecording is required for an agent to start/stop/pause recording


Feature Internal Enhancement


V 6.5.30

14 May 2019


  • (Enhancement 12626) Enhanced missed calls for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, Learn More


Feature Internal Enhancement

  • (Enhancement 19484) UCC Configurations are now filtered on duplicates.
    If a new ucc is added with either the same name or same url. The newer config is filtered from the list of configurations.

  • (Enhancement 20068) If welcome message is configured with a loop in a chat or escape skill, this skill is ignored and the UCC will start correctly

  • (Enhancement 20239) Enhanced configuration Msmq handler

  • (Enhancement 20253) Agent is no longer reserved after a skill transfer of an email session

  • (Enhancement 20273) When not existing, the UCC will create Voicemail and Recording lists in older SharePoint Templates again

  • (Enhancement 20296) Enhanced side instep modality endpoint

  • (Enhancement 20352) Enhanced escape to Voicemail on message busy


V 6.5.27

Note This version will handle "NoAnswer" in Campaign dialer as processed, Learn More

1 May 2019


  • (Feature 18735) DashboardService (and UCC service updated)

    Added appSetting key to only send complete ucc state to the requester, Learn More

    Default is false, when setting is missing, install package includes the setting in Dashboards' web.config.

    <add key="complete_state_ucc_only_requester" value="true"/>


Feature Internal Enhancement

  • (Enhancement 19794) AmIReady now take in account custom hours

  • (Enhancement 19818) The accepted by uri was incorrectly matched to the hunted uri.

    "sip:+123456@domain.com;user=phone" was not matched to "tel:+123456", although these uri's are the same.

    The uri's are now matching. So the reservation manager can cancel the reservation correctly

  • (Enhancement 19821) Enhanced scenario when an escapable skill escaped immediately to a forward skill.

  • (Enhancement 19986) Snapper / Wallboard: Agent stays in wrap-up (contact card) after skill transfer scenario

  • (Enhancement 19998) Enhanced scenario with empty Welcome Message and Welcome Recording files.

  • (Enhancement 20041) Enhanced where a UCC with invalid database or invalid sharepoint site could delay the hunts of other UCCs

  • (Enhancement 20075) Enhanced Wallboard blinking CountDownAvailabilty Skill after been handled

  • (Enhancement 20151) Enhanced Skill Escapes

  • (Enhancement 20162) Enhanced read table PluginAttributes


V 6.5.22

15 April 2019


  • (Feature 18735) Optimize startup of client applications

    New appSetting key in DashboardService (web.config) to only send complete ucc state to the requester.

    Default is false.

    (When setting is missing, updating to this package will add the setting)

    <add key="complete_state_ucc_only_requester" value="true"/>

  • (Feature 14493) Change log rollback to log per day
  • (Feature 18840) Remote MSMQ enabled for Dashboard and Attendant services
  • (Feature 14136) Configurable delay in canceling old conferences after starting up, Learn More
  • (Feature 15889) Added ReservationPointSystem, Learn More
  • (Feature 16538) Add Google Translate as ImTranslation provider
  • (Feature 17168) Amended "Get All Agents" call with optional parameter includeFormalStopped (boolean) Agents in resultset now also includes IsFormal and IsActive.
  • (Feature 17353) Change license level to corporate for Conference Commands
  • (Feature 17473) Added Sharepoint PnP + AppId / AppSecret Auth, Learn More
  • (Feature 17481) Added SFB2019 to Install script
  • (Feature 18155) Added Last skill AttendantService start/stop feedback
  • (Feature 2401) Expand Message Overflow feature with Actions and Choice option
  • (Feature 6984) Added OutboundDialer Retry DTFM tone
  • (Feature 9742) Integrated chat dialogue in broker


Feature Internal Enhancement

  • (Enhancement 18251) Wallboard shows parallel hunted agents
  • (Enhancement 19040) Enhanced ChatQuestions order
  • (Enhancement 19599) Enhanced AttendantService
  • (Enhancement 19639) Presence for side instep endpoint is not published when no skill is selected.
  • (Enhancement 19645) Enhanced loading audiofiles with cache key
  • (Enhancement 19720) Enhanced logging format
  • (Enhancement 19837) Enhanced logging for MatchMaker
  • (Enhancement 19953) UpdateUcc script; when install package version of webservice is lower allow for override
  • (Enhancement 19349) Enhanced long active sessions
  • (Enhancement 19363) Enhanced Availability Skills in logs and CDR database when no agents are available
  • (Enhancement 19337) Enhancements during reset of statistics
  • (Enhancement 19099) Enhanced scenario that audio endpoint is handled as chat endpoint
  • (Enhancement 19379) Enhanced performance
  • (Enhancement 18935) Email Dialogue Provider - Enhanced long active sessions
  • (Enhancement 19157) Enhanced Supervisor in hosted online in a hybrid Skype for Business environment
  • (Enhancement 19383) Enhanced DTMF tones after consultative transfer to side instep
  • (Enhancement 19269) Audio file played, while already picked up
  • (Enhancement 19100) Enhanced DTMF events with SharePoint Template 5.0
  • (Enhancement 19057) Enhanced KPI's in multi service environment
  • (Enhancement 19084) UCC_CallDetail: Link Supervisor Commands to Correlationid
  • (Enhancement 19159) Enhanced hunting with AgentAcceptWithDTMFEnabled
  • (Enhancement 19108) Enhanced Email Dialogue Provider with Core 6.5
  • (Enhancement 18847) Enhanced Call removed from campaign dialer if the number doesn't exist
  • (Enhancement 19062) Enhanced new columns for 6.1 template
  • (Enhancement 19093) Enhanced scenario's transferring intercepted calls
  • (Enhancement 19107) Enhanced performance
  • (Enhancement 18493) Enhanced process audio file.
  • (Enhancement 18498) Call looping when Overflow is set to 0 and outside office hours
  • (Enhancement 18836) Enhanced "GetMissedCallsLastDaysPerSkill"
  • (Enhancement 18856) Enhanced PSTN Agent register when UCC is removed from config and added back again
  • (Enhancement 19005) Not receiving queue information for Countdown Availability skill
  • (Enhancement 19006) Enhanced 6.5.8 messages during update
  • (Enhancement 19017) Missing Queue information on wallboard view 2 for initial skill
  • (Enhancement 19018) Enhanced Skill dependencies for MessageBusy in 6.5 on 5.2 template
  • (Enhancement 18971) Enhanced Identityplugin businesshours for Core 6.4
  • (Enhancement 12508) Added setting VoiceMailDialerDeclineRetry: Number of retries for VoiceMailDialer when callee declines the Call
    Added setting VoiceMailDialerDeclineRetryTime: Number of minutes when VoiceMailDialer should retry a declined call

  • (Enhancement 12654) Added endpointuri to sessionsummary for Email Dialogue

  • (Enhancement 13227) Enhanced DirectDialer hunt after agent accepted the call

  • (Enhancement 14363) Enhanced log file without Call ID or UCC name

  • (Enhancement 15789) Enhanced configuration with EmailRouterCewId

  • (Enhancement 16178) Make sure OnHold.wma does not play in IvrOverflow when an automated action is configured

  • (Enhancement 16193) AskAndWaitForInputOptions TTS pauzes after every SayOrPlay.SayText

  • (Enhancement 16458) Enhanced startup with Email Dialogue

  • (Enhancement 16506) Corrected OutboundDialer Call registered as Inbound call in the Snapper

  • (Enhancement 16563) Enhanced Prompt API reporting events in the A365 Database

  • (Enhancement 17070) Enhanced audio when calling UCC using DCI/DirectDialer

  • (Enhancement 17160) Enhanced presence changes

  • (Enhancement 17199) Enhanced MobileDeviceHuntPresence

  • (Enhancement 17249) Enhanced logging

  • (Enhancement 17276) Enhanced transer notification

  • (Enhancement 17283) UCC log files not updating to programdata folder when files are in use

  • (Enhancement 17303) Enhanced Campaign Dialer, Callback The CallBack feature enables the customer to leave his / her number to be called back by an available agent during business hours. retry's

  • (Enhancement 17334) Corrected typos in setting – DisconnectAfterUnsuccessfullTransfer

  • (Enhancement 17350) Improved Call offered after take commando

  • (Enhancement 17351) Removed MaxHuntDurationChat

  • (Enhancement 17367 / 17613) Allow for the InstallExtraUcc to be run without modifying config.xml
    Introduced switch $updateConfig (default = false)
    Default backup drive when using the $mass switch is C:\

  • (Enhancement 17418) Enhanced hunt after Escape

  • (Enhancement 17445) Copy MSMQ_ web.config appSettings regardless of case when updating AttendantService/DashboardService.

  • (Enhancement 17447) Enhanced dashboard information during chat session hunt

  • (Enhancement 17452) Enhanced timezone during holidays

  • (Enhancement 17555) Enhanced Manual take commando (via IM)

  • (Enhancement 17556) Enhanced Agent receiving 2 calls when doing a take on another call

  • (Enhancement 17635) CallSummary: Allow storing data for Skills with names longer than 50 characters.

  • (Enhancement 17673) CampaignDialer starts invite again after being processed (Human Answered)

  • (Enhancement 17685) Enhance license detection for Interceptor The Interceptor is a service installed on the Skype for Business Front End(s). It monitors all the calls passing over it. When a call is going to or coming from an Agent it will come into action. By intercepting that call and redirecting it to Anywhere365, it lets you manage the direct inbound and outbound dialogues of the contact center agents.

  • (Enhancement 17717) ExtraUCC Script add to config

  • (Enhancement 17718) Enhancements with parallelhunt and agent reservation

  • (Enhancement 17720) Enhanced checking lastmodified timestamps for older templates

  • (Enhancement 17742) Enhanced openinghours message in logs

  • (Enhancement 17745) Enhanced starting with incorrect cache files

  • (Enhancement 17780) Enhanced disconnect not working on message busy

  • (Enhancement 17830) SkillPerAgents.setting2 not being updated after skill change

  • (Enhancement 17904) Campaign Dialer stops processing invites if one of the invites contains an invalid Skill

  • (Enhancement 17934) Queue 2_more_5 message played on endpoint with type parent question

  • (Enhancement 17951) Updated installer/update script to detect if Visual C++ 2017 runtime is installed, when it does not detect it the script will run the installer.

  • (Enhancement 17953) Installer will update GAC for SharePoint.Client and SharePoint.Client.Runtime because Skype for Business 2019 (UCMA6) installs an older version to the GAC, which overrides the more up-to-date version that is required by the UCC.

  • (Enhancement 17979) Enhanced Text to Speech

  • (Enhancement 17996) Enhanced VoiceMail DownloadFileAsync

  • (Enhancement 18017) Agent occasionally does not get wrap-up time when handling a QueuedCallback The QueuedCallBack feature enables the customer to leave his / her number while waiting in the queue in order to get called back by an available contact center agent. session and the Customer is the first one to end the call

  • (Enhancement 18081) Enhanced Cache for SkillsPerAgent

  • (Enhancement 18143) Enhanced Plugin Text to Speech

  • (Enhancement 18199) Enhanced Subscription when WaitingForRetry

  • (Enhancement 18232) Enhanced UCC start-up if SharePoint Update takes more than UpdateSettingsTimeout seconds

  • (Enhancement 18260) Enhanced Holiday cache

  • (Enhancement 18261) Enhanced logging for ResendStatistics

  • (Enhancement 18269) Enhanced scenario with removed application endpoint

  • (Enhancement 18346) Enhanced: " HuntCanceled: Failed to cancel HandleIncomingFromDialOut" that occurred when using the Campaign Dialer
    Enhanced: "AgentReservationManager, released agent which was still reserved while the session was closed" that occurred occasionally when using the Campaign Dialer

  • (Enhancement 18397) Enhanced scenario If the Customer disconnects the call during the final TTS, the QueuedCallback should still be scheduled.

  • (Enhancement 18428) Enhanced Preferred Hunt with escapable-skill is processed as a regular skill

  • (Enhancement 18440) Enhanced Queue Broker

  • (Enhancement 18513) Enhanced Preferred hunt with prompt

  • (Enhancement 9300) Enhanced behavior with action Voicemail in Database

  • (Enhancement 9954) Prevent duplicate remove for Outbound Intercepted Calls, causing "WARN: Call not removed: <correlationId>, <skill>" in the log

  • (Enhancement 17828) Customer is not notified when agent disconnect chat that was transferred

  • (Enhancement 18679) Chat messages sometimes translated twice

  • (Enhancement 18857) Enhanced Audiocapability for deskphones