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Release Notes Core 6.3

This version has reached its end of life. See our End of life policy.

Note: Update from 6.2 or lower will:

  • Create a Skype Application and Endpoint for the Presence Provider, %=MyVariables.LearnMore%]

  • Change the Default log / cache / config location to:


  • Alter the database to use sipmapid instead of plain text.

    • Reports need to be updated to V 6.0.18235.01 or higher.

    • Universal Timeline Service needs to be updated to V6.3.2 or higher.

V 6.3.10

26 October 2018


  • (Feature 15435) Update script: Make backup for rollback

Feature Internal Enhancements

  • (Enhancement 15530) Install script Enable-CsTopology
  • (Enhancement 15640) Enhanced Install script Core 6.3
  • (Enhancement 15877) Enhanced Presence Application in multiserver pool
  • (Enhancement 16127) Prevent Deadlock Presence Provider


V 6.3.7

4 October 2018


  • (Product Backlog Item 15633) New SettingsProvider: SharepointAdfs

Feature Internal Enhancements

  • (Enhancement 15800) Enhanced information HuntLog table (Since
  • (Enhancement 15822) Enhanced presence updates for hybrid agents
  • (Enhancement 15438) Enhanced OnHold Music still playing after accepting call using Skill transfer
  • (Enhancement 15330) Enhanced performance stored produre "GET_TIMELINE_CALLDETAILS", for faster loading times Extension Window
  • (Enhancement 15746) Enhanced licenses with extreme valid till value (uncommon)
  • (Enhancement 15551) Enhanced incorrect warning regarding not started endpoints
  • (Enhancement 15536) Enhanced Application endpoint presence published
  • (Enhancement 15840) Added deadlock to stored produre "ADD_AGENTPRESENCE"
  • (Enhancement 15784) Enhanced Audio Recording during supervisor whispering
  • (Enhancement 15948) Dialtone is playing after Forward has picked up


V 6.3.4

13 September 2018


Feature Internal Enhancements

  • (Enhancement 14277) KPI Offline Agents not working