Release Notes CopySettings 6.0


16 April 2019

  • Enhanced XML parse when backing up site permissions and 'Callsummary' list items



13 March 2019




26 February 2019

  • Updated version number to the new version numbering standard used in recent A365 products
  • Added 'SidebySide' operation to backup from source sitecollection and restore to target sitecollection in 1 go
  • Added support for SharePoint 2019
  • 6.0 template sites will now be created when you restore a site that is not created yet **
  • Script now accepts several parameters to bypass any user input
  • PowerShell context is refreshed every time you execute script
  • Site permission backup / restore is now optional and disabled by default
  • Changed multi-site selection seperator to comma (was semicolon)
  • Changed that AppId and AppSecret will not be prompted to fill in if username and password are already present in config file when using SharePoint Online
  • Enhanced structure backup when using SharePoint 2010
  • Enhanced 'Queue' field restore in 'IVRQuestions' list when restoring to UCC Config Template 4.2 or lower
  • Enhanced AudioFiles backup / restore when & char is present in 'Title' field
  • Removed 'UpdateMode' functionality


V 0.9.19063.0

06 February 2019

  • Can now backup all (sub)sites in sitecollection
  • Can now restore in the same (sub)site structure as the source sitecollection (target 6.0 sites must still be created in advance)
  • Support for multi-site selection
  • Support for sites with 'Cascading delete' or 'Restricted delete' enabled on lookup columns in lists
  • Enhanced 'Reports' link backup / restore
  • Removed 'Error' column backup / restore from 'RetentionPolicy' and 'TimerJobs' lists to avoid XML parse errors


V 0.9.18501.0

10 December 2018

  • Enhanced that routing items will be restored with the proper content type


V 0.9.18395.0

28 September 2018

  • Enhanced that 6.0 template restore onprem will not activate old template features or try to create old template sites


V 0.9.18312.0

31 July 2018

Enhanced lookup function calls in 'PluginFlowSettings' list restore


V 0.9.18305.0

  • Enhanced 'EscapeSkill' column restore in 'Skills' list


V 0.9.18302.0

  • Added copy support for recordings in folders in 'Recordings' library


V 0.9.18262.0

  • Enhanced content type restore in 'IVRQuestions' list to online


V 0.9.18255.0

  • Added support for app authentication
  • You can now use an encrypted password for user authentication
  • Enhanced 'Alternative Caller Id' field restore in 'Agents' list
  • Enhanced update scenario operations with multi-site selection


V 0.9.18251.0

  • Updated (old) online app to 5.2.18074.0


V 0.9.18224.0

  • Enhanced that template 6.0 will be detected in onprem


V 0.9.18202.0

  • Enhanced 'Type' field restore in 'Endpoints' list


V 0.9.18184.0

  • Compatible with UCC Config Template 6.0
  • Added 'onlinev2' client
  • Added 'Bridgauth', 'PluginAttributes', 'PluginFlowSettings', 'PluginSettings', 'BridgDocuments' lists
  • Added 'Phrase' field restore in 'IVRQuestions' list
  • Added 'Alternative Caller Id' field restore in 'Agents' list
  • Enabled / Enhanced site permission restore
  • Enhanced 'CopyCallsummary' setting
  • Enhanced 'CallSummary' list restore


V 0.9.17471.0

  • Changed that app deployment is now aware of deployment status
  • 'Choice' field in 'IVRQuestions' list with value '-1' will be restored as empty
  • Enhanced content type restore in 'Endpoints' list
  • Enhanced content type restore in 'IDRQuestions' list
  • Enhanced content type restore in 'IVRQuestions' list
  • Enhanced content type restore in 'OutboundDialerCalls' list
  • Enhanced content type restore in 'Routing' list
  • Enhanced content type restore in 'Skills' list
  • Enhanced content type restore in 'TimerJobs' list
  • Changelog older versions not available