Dialogue Cloud

Release Notes - hotfix release DC2023.02b

This document contains a list of the updates and current versions of Anywhere365 software and components.

Client Components

Note: To streamline our support process, before raising a support ticket please ensure any client application used is upgraded to the version of this bundle and the log provided with the ticket is inline with the Bundle. Please note that we will be unable to process support tickets raised on unsupported version combinations.
Component Version Remark
Ucc.Creator template (SharePoint template)  
Power BI (desktop template)


(Minimum required version for this bundle) Learn More

Inflight Wallboard (desktop client) 6.5.7  
Snapper (desktop client)


(Minimum required version for this bundle) Learn More

+= updated in this bundle.

Feature Enhancements

PBI Description

Node.js version updated for DialogueStudio.

For Dialogue Studio the node.js version has been updated to a newer, supported version to stay compatible with the MSSQL Node.

Warning: Dialogue Studio Nodes connecting to a UCC A Unified Contact Center, or UCC, is a queue of interactions (voice, email, IM, etc.) that are handled by Agents. Each UCC has its own settings, IVR menus and Agents. Agents can belong to one or several UCCs and can have multiple skills (competencies). A UCC can be visualized as a contact center “micro service”. Customers can utilize one UCC (e.g. a global helpdesk), a few UCC’s (e.g. for each department or regional office) or hundreds of UCC’s (e.g. for each bed at a hospital). They are interconnected and can all be managed from one central location. server which are unused or with incomplete configurations must be removed prior to upgrading to this version. Failing to do so may result in problems restarting your Dialogue Studio and is at your own risk. Learn More


Webchat transfer enhancements in Dialogue Manager.

Previously the customer was unable to see agent messages once a WebChat session was transferred to another WebChatDialogueProvider2 in a different UCC. This has now been fixed. Also, the customer can now see that a new agent joined the conversation after the transfer has been accepted.


Reduced a log occurrence in Dialogue Manager logs.

Fixed a repeating NULL reference error which appeared under certain circumstances in the logfiles. This should no longer take place and reduce logfile pollution.