Dialogue Cloud

Release Notes DC2022.04

This document contains a list of the updates and current versions of Anywhere365 software and components.

Updated Components

Component Version
Power BI 8.2.22262.01
Snapper 8.4.6
Inflight Wallboard (client) 6.5.5
= updated in this bundle.

SharePoint-related settings changes

WebAgent in combination with Remote Call Controls

Due to technical improvements made to Remote Call Controls, the WebAgent Service now uses the API Plugin to get detailed information regarding Call Controls' Dialogue Capabilities.

For this reason, the API Plugin has become mandatory as of the DC2022.04 bundle update. Learn More

WebAgent in combination with Email Text Sessions

The new email functionally has been upgraded to a full session. This now includes the ability to use attachments and canned responses. In addition, these session will now be logged in the CDR database, so they can be counted in the reporting tool. To accommodate these new features, you now need to assign a skill to the Outbound Text session.

When updating from DC2022.03 to DC2022.04 or higher, make sure the following changes are made:

  • Define the "OutboundTextSkill" (Scope: WebAgentService) plugin setting. This required as of this release, when using New Email. Learn More

WebAgent in combination with WebChat Text Sessions

A chat conversation can now be published as a transcript and offered to the customer using adaptive cards so they can save their conversation for reference. To accommodate this new feature, you now need to define the publicly accessible locations of the WebChat Dialogue Provider.

When updating from DC2022.03 to DC2022.04 or higher, make sure the following changes are made:

  • The plugin setting "Uri" (Scope: WebChatDialogueProvider2) became mandatory, Learn More

New Features

Support for Azure AD App Only authentication towards SharePoint Online. For more details see SharePoint Online Authentication for Anywhere 365 Dialogue Cloud Azure AD App-Only
Outbound Text sessions for WebAgent Email. Email functionality has been upgraded to a full session. This now includes the ability to include attachments and canned responses. Session will also now be logged in the CDR database, so they can be included reporting. Learn More
Auto Finish Audio Dialogue. For WebAgent users who want to have the conversation removed as soon as one of the participants disconnects, there is now a new settings to auto-finish the conversation. Learn More
WebChat 2.0 - Provide user-readable transcript. Within a chat conversation, transcripts can now be published and offered to the customer using adaptive cards. It allows customers to save their conversation for reference. Learn More
BullHorn CTI integration. Expanding our portfolio of CRM Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is (usually) a software-based, data management method to deal with interactions with customers and potential customers. integrations, BullHorn CRM CTI is now available. The WebAgent can now directly be embedded inside BullHorn CRM. Learn More
BullHorn CrmService. Adding to our portfolio of standardized CRM integrations, BullHorn CRM is now available. Information from the CRM is shown in the WebAgent, providing context for the agent handling dialogues with known contacts.
Disabling CTI Settings variable. With this setting specific options the CTI settings menu will become hidden. Learn More

Feature Improvements

Concurrent Call Limits. To more accurately limit number of concurrent calls, all call types are now taken into account. The following call types are part of the total number of concurrent calls taking place:
Changes in on hold behavior. It is now possible to initiate a consultative transfer from within the WebAgent once a call is put on hold. Furthermore, if the call is not yet on hold when initiating a transfer, it will be put on hold automatically. Finally, if a transfer fails, the call remains on hold, and must be manually resumed by the Agent.
(Queued) Callback CallBack, an IVR menu feature for voice, enables the customer to leave his / her number to be called back by an available agent during business hours. supporting additional languages Microsoft Cognitive Services- and Google Text-to-Speech can now be utilized by both the Queued Call Back as well as the regular Call Back functionality. This makes it possible to use this capability in UCCs that service customers in a language that is missing from the default Text-to-Speech service used by Anywhere365, but is supported by either one of the two forementioned Text-to-Speech services.
Database changes. Databases have been optimized to increase efficiency. The management of deadlocked queries has also been tweaked to speed up their resolution.

Note: Please note new SQL scripts are included, that need to be run before installing

San Diego Support for WebAgent ServiceNow CTI. WebAgent has been optimized to support the San Diego version of ServiceNow. Learn More
Improved WebAgent SAP C4C CTI functionality. New functions have been added. Learn More
Contact information displayed in first tab for Small view. When using the WebAgent in small view, you can now select the Contact Information as the default tab to open.
Re-ordering of greeting labels. In certain languages the capitalization and/or the order of greeting messages could differ from English. Greetings have now been appropriately rearranged in WebAgent.
Improved Dialpad design. The WebAgent dialpad has been refreshed visually. New visual cues include indications from which UCC DCI calls are performed. Learn More
WebAgent UI Modified for navigation within Microsoft Teams. To prevent UI conflicts with Microsoft Teams left navigation, WebAgent icons will be shown in the top left. Learn More
Return the last message when First Tab isn't Conversation If your default WebAgent tab wasn't Conversation and you switched to the Conversation tab, you would see the oldest message. This has been changes to display the newest message.
Improved WebChat Hyperlink behavior. URLs are now detected and automatically converted to a hyperlink, allowing the customer receiving the text message to open it with a simple click.

Feature Enhancements

Correct Agent is displayed. Agent display name is now correctly displayed after completing a consultative transfer successfully. The WebWallboard will now keep displaying the correct Agent name.
Campaign Dialer Status display. Fixed issue in which Campaign dialer calls sometimes inaccurately displayed the call as accepted before the customer actually accepted the call.
DCI Call results. Correctly report the outcome of the DCI call when the customer did not accept the call. PowerBI reports will now distinguish between the Customer accepting and not accepting the DCI call.
Primary participant is now correctly updated during a Intercepted Outbound Call. Putting an Outbound Call (Intercepted) on hold in the WebAgent will no longer trigger an error message.
New Conversations with multiple UCCs now work as expected (WebChat 2.0).Fixed issue in which setups with multiple UCC's, but in which not all UCCs have had the WebChatDialogueProvider2 Plug-in properly configured, new UCC conversation would fail.
Messages no longer lost between pickup and acceptance. (WebChat 2.0). Fixes issue in which new messages would be delayed and not be displayed when the Agent finally accepted the conversation. Refreshing the WebAgent window (F5) would fix this, but is no longer necessary.
Refresh Token Error in CRM Service for ServiceNow now handled appropriately. Improved handling and logging when a refresh token error occurs.
Restored polling when still using EWS (Email Dialogue Provider). Although we recommend using Microsoft Graph with Email Dialogue Provider, Exchange used in on premises setups still require the use of EWS. Setups operation using this mixed mode (with both Microsoft Graph and EWS) would result in stalled EWS polling. This has been resolved.
Illegal XML characters no longer block queue (Email Dialogue Provider).
WebAgent Resume button now works as expected during active call. Fixed issue in which pressing the Resume button with unfinished calls would sometimes trigger errors.
Call handling now possible after classification of disconnected call (WebAgent ).
CRM Contact Search input is now cleared after missed call (WebAgent). A bug causing the next call to show the results of the previous missed call has been fixed.
Error 401 or 500 notifications now correctly use the timer (WebAgent). Error notifications sometimes remained on the screen even if a timer was configured. Now all notifications will use the timer setting.
All classifications are now displayed as expected (WebAgent). on the on the second level Fixed an issue in which setups using multiple levels of classifications with many options would not display all second-level classifications.
Mute button during Consult or Delight now works as designed (WebAgent). Fixed an issue in which pressing the mute button during a Consult or Delight transfer did not mute the conversation appropriately.