Verint Integration

Note This feature requires an additional plug-in. Please contact your Sales Contact to verify if a plug-in is purchased.


Having the right number of employees—with the right skills—in place at the right time is a critical link in delivering superior customer service and managing costs. Verint offers enterprise workforce management (WFM) solutions to help organizations strike the optimal balance between workload and staffing—in contact centers and across the enterprise, including branches and back-office operations.

As of today Anywhere365 has realized multiple interfaces with Verint. These interfaces provide the Workforce Management database of Verint with the required information, which makes it possible to execute the tasks like forecasting, scheduling and performance management using Verint.

The first example is the “Contact Statistics Interface”. Contact Statistics are used in scheduling and forecasting in WorkforceManagement. Furthermore, it provides you with the tools to see if the forecasted load, service level and handling time meets with the actual numbers.

On a predefined time interval, normally every 15 minutes, the data required for Verint is extracted from Anywhere365 and exported to a fileshare accessible by Verint. Verint will process the files and make the actual results visible in the interface along with the forecasts.

To realize this interface from Anywhere365 perspective, the only thing you need to do is upload a report to the reporting module of Anywhere365 and configure a subscription which defines that the report should be exported to a file share every 15 minutes.

On the screenshot below you see, the forecasted values for call volume, service level and handling time (the green line) and the actual values(red lines) and for the service level also the norm that should be met (blue line).

Another example is the “Streaming Time CollectionInterface”, this interface lets Verint obtain real time agent state data from Anywhere365 and send it to the Workforce Management database. Every Time an Agent changes his status in Skype for Business / Microsoft Teams, sets a Reason Code in Anywhere365 or handled a call and is in wrap-up this change is sent to Verint over a socket connection.

Based on this information it is possible to visualize whether or not agents work according to their personal schedule. Are they logged in on time, are the available for the work they are scheduled for, etc.

In the graph below you see three colored bars per agent. The top blue bar, shows the schedule of the Agent (the light blue bar represents lunch break and the small brown bars are additional breaks). The second pink bar displays the actual time, received from Anywhere365, that an Agent is logged in and available for the work for which the Agent is scheduled (either telephony, chat, WebChat, email, or any other communication channel which is handled using Anywhere365). The purple bars show the time an Agent was not available. The final bar shows the discrepancies between the schedule and the actual availability of the Agent.

Many more interfaces are possible between Anywhere365 and Verint, amongst others the Agent Scorecard Metrics interface that imports Agent measures from Anywhere365 to the Workforce Management Scorecards database. Information that can be used for reviewing Agents’ performance.


Configuration WFM Presence Service

  1. Navigate to 'drive:\Program Files\Anywhere365 Wfm Presence Service'

  2. Edit 'Wsp.Anywhere365.Wfm.Server.Service.exe.config'

  3. Edit the following items

    1. Verint.IpAddress = IP addres of the Verint Service

    2. Verint.Post = Port used for the Verint Service

  4. Navigate to the Anywhere365 configuration page (SharePoint)

  5. Open the settings page

  6. Add the setting 'UseVerintPresenceService' with value true

  7. Restart the Anywhere365 WFM Presence Service


Configuration SSRS Report subscription

  1. Navigate to the SSRS Management URL

  2. Upload the 2 Verint reports

    1. Generic Interfaces and Adapters

    2. Scorecard Adapters

  3. Configure the report to point to the Shared Data Source of the Anywhere365 database.

    1. Hover over the report and select Manage

    2. Select Data Sources

    3. Select Browse

    4. Select the Anywhere365DS

    5. Select Apply

  4. Configure a subscription for the Generic Interface and Adapters report that: (Learn More)

    1. Export as CSV

    2. Every 15 minutes , with a delay of 1 hour.

      Note Recommended is to have an additional subscription later during the day, in case conversations where not yet available in the database.

      For a 1-hour delay:

      • StarttimeOffset = -60

      • EndtimeOffset = -45

    3. To a fileshare used by Verint.

  5. Configure a subscription for the Scorecard Adapters report that: (Learn More)

    1. Export as CSV

    2. Once per day, at 02:00 AM

    3. To a fileshare used by Verint.