Injixo Integration

Note This feature requires an additional plug-in. Extra license is required. Please contact your Sales Contact to verify.


The SSRS Report subscription is used to write CDR information to a location where Injixo can retrieve the data.


Configuration SSRS Report subscription

  1. Navigate to the SSRS Management URL

  2. Upload the 2 Injixo reports

    1. CTI - Agent

    2. CTI - AgentQueue

  3. Configure the report to point to the Shared Data Source of the Anywhere365 database.

    1. Hover over the report and select Manage

    2. Select Data Sources

    3. Select Browse

    4. Select the Anywhere365DS

    5. Select Apply

  4. Configure a subscription that: (Learn More)

    1. Export as CSV

    2. Every 15 minutes , with a delay of 1 hour.

    3. To a fileshare used by Injixo.