WebChat User Guide

Note Only available for Skype for Business users.


This is the main page for what we call “the presence page”. It is nothing more than a simple HTML page to show the WebChat Plus button. Which of course is fully customizable with a simple css sheet.


Initiate a chat

When a customer chooses to use the WebChat Plus, and clicks anywhere in the button, a new screen pops-up and the WebChat automatically asks the name of the customer.

As soon as the customers enters his or hers name, the UCC will immediately starts to hunt for an available agent.

Tip The Customer can use his or her Speech to Text by using their phone's keyboard (Available on both Android and IOS)

The Agent will receive an incoming Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams instant message with the question for the agent if he wants to accept this incoming chat.

When the agent accepts the chat, by simply pressing a button (or typing, yes or ok), the chat session will be started. From this point on, the customer is able to setup an audio call, video call, presenting/screen sharing and initiate a call me back scenario. To do this, the customer has to use one of the following buttons.


Agent commands

During a chat session the Agent can enable buttons for the Customer.

Note Make sure the features are properly configured.

__webchat:1 :Activate Call Button

__webchat:2 :Activate Video Button

__webchat:4 :Activate CallMeThe CallMe feature adds a button on your website where the customer can enter his / her number to be called by the UCC, saving the customer in telephone costs. Button

__webchat:5: Activate CoBrowsing Button


Audio call

When the customer initiates an audio call, the agents needs to accept it and the screen will expand. From this point the customer and the agent are connected and can use audio.

Video Call

The video call functions works similar to the audio call function. When a customer chooses to add video to the call, the client just clicks on the camera icon and the agent accepts the invitation. Than a video conference is set up.

Call Me Back (optional)

With the CallMe extension it’s possible for the customer to leave his number (or SIP address). When the customers chooses this option, the UCC will call the customer and connects him to an available agent.