Install Webchat Plus Service

Note Enterprise license and higher


The WebChat web service allows you to turn on new features for the WebChat. These new features are:

  • Uploading files and photo’s

  • Send emails

    • When WebChat is not available

    • When a lower then x QM score is given

    • Send transcript to the customer after the conversation

  • URL sharing


Installing WebChatPlusWebservice

Installing the pluswebservice will enable you to use extra features within your WebChat, e.g. file uploading for the customers and mailing the conversation to the customers.


  • Installed WebChat


  1. Open Windows Powershell as admin

  2. Run the install script by using Powershell. First navigate to the path where the file is located (using the cd command). When in the correct path, type InstallWebchatPlusWebservices.ps1 or type InstallWeb and use tab to select the right file. Press Enter to run the script.

    Note Delivered together with the WebChat installation files

  3. The script will prompt the following, please fill in:

    1. Is <FQDNFDQN stands for Fully Qualified Domain Name and specifies the exact location in the tree hierarchy of the Domain Name System (DNS). An example for [hostname].[domain].[top level domain] is [www].[microsoft].[com] of server you are installing on> the correct FQDN for the webservice? Y or N:

      If you press N, because you are using a load balanced URL, then

      1. Please enter correct FQDN for the webservice:

      2. Use https for the webservice? Y or N:

    2. Username of the email account (for O365 that will be the full email address)

    3. Password of the email account

    4. SMTP host (for O365 that will be

    5. Use default credentials for SMTP host

    6. If yes, the credentials giving to the IIS pool will be used to connect to the SMTP

    7. The SMTP port number (defaults are 25 for non-SSL or 587 for SSL)

    8. Enable SSL?

    9. From email address (this will be the shown as the sender of the mail)

    10. Reply to the email address (this will be the email address user will reply to)

    11. UCC name

    12. Select the IIS Application Pool

  4. Windows Powershell will give you a generated key under “webservice key of webservice”. This key can be copied for later use. The key can also be found in AppSettings.config located in the root of the webchatWebservice folder at a later point.


After the installation is completed, the Webservices should be linked to the WebChat. In the file sfbwebchatplus/xml/settings.xml, located in the root of the WebChat folder, the webchatpluswebservice URL and key should be added. The URL should be manually generated by the user in the following format: http://fqdn/path/

It is important to copy this URL to the AppSettings.config located in the root of the webchatWebservice folder. The URL should be placed in <add key="WebserviceRootUrl" value= “http://fqdn/path/”>.

<webchatpluswebservice >

<url desc="url of the webservice, sample: //">http//UccServerFqdn/WebChatWebServiceUccName</url>


</webchatpluswebservice >

Once both values have been applied to the settings.xml file, the WebchatPlusWebservice is installed properly.