Configure Quality Monitoring


Quality monitoring can be used to have customer the possibility to rate the conversation. There are 2 types of rating that can be configured.

Star Rating

Numeric Rating


Configure Quality Monitoring

To configure the Quality Monitor for Chat, the setting "UseQualityMonitorWebChat" must be applied on the SharePoint settings page of the UCC.

Besides that, a Quality Monitor question must be defined. Therefore, go to the Quality Monitoring list of the SharePoint site and create at least one item. For example:

Once the Quality Monitoring is setup on the UCC side, you may open the Settings.xml file (from: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WebChat_ucc_name\sfbwebchatplus\xml\settings.xml).

The parameter <mode> can be changed to ‘starrating’ for the Star Rating method or to ‘numeric’ for the Numeric method. If Star Rating is used, then the orange parameters can be changed. With these parameters you can set a default pre-occupied star amount <initialvalue>.

With the <……color> keys it is possible to change the colors of the stars. Finally with the <usefullstars> key you can determine if half stars are possible or not.


<mode desc="starrating or numeric">starrating</mode>