Configure Email Conversation


After a chat with an agent and the customer wants to read back, the email dialogue can be emailed to the customer.



Before proceeding installation, please ensure following prerequisites are met.

  • Installed Webchat

  • Installed Webchat Plus Webservice


Configure email the conversation

To receive a transcript of the conversation per email, apply the following changes:

Open the Webchat settings.xml from its default location (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WebChat_ucc_name\sfbwebchatplus\xml\settings.xml)










To verify if the service is sending mails correctly the settings and log can be seen in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WebChatWebServiceUccName.

The settings of the WebChatWebService can be seen in the AppSettings.config file


<add key="webservicekey" value="67G5BRZ1" />

<add key="EmailUseCredentials" value="true" />

<add key="EmailUsername" value="" />

<add key="EmailPassword" value="password" />

<add key="SMTPHost" value="" />

<add key="SMTPDefaultCredentials" value="true" />

<add key="SMTPPort" value="587" />

<add key="SMTPEnableSsl" value="true" />

<add key="SystemEmailFrom" value="" />

<add key="SystemEmailReplyTo" value="" />

<add key="GeneralMailboxTo" value="" />

<add key="EmailSubjectChatDiscussion" value="Anywhere365 - Your latest chat" />

<add key="EmailSubjectGeneralMailFromCustomer" value="Anywhere365 - Message from customer" />

<add key="WebserviceRootUrl" value=""/>

<add key="TemplateWebchatplusChatDiscussionEmailName" value="templateWebchatplusChatDiscussionEmail"/>

<add key="TemplateWebchatplusGeneralEmailName" value="templateWebchatplusGeneralEmail"/>


When troubleshooting is necessary, the log of the web service can be reviewed by opening it from this location: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WebChatWebServiceUccName\log\Application.txt